Questions? No Need to Raise Your Hand…

This is the week just a short (or extremely long) year ago when I decided on UWGB myself. I remember May 1st was the big announcement day at my high school when everyone wore their new college spirit wear.
But I remember still having questions- so I will answer two big ones for you….

-Look it over. What needs a response? Send those in immediately! Especially when you receive things concerning housing, R&R sign up, E-Z books (which is really neat- and I strongly suggest it!), or other things. If you have questions, then call or email as soon as possible- it’s a busy time of year for everyone so the response will be as prompt as humanly possible.
-What about sheets of information? Phone numbers, hours for the clinic, bus routes, where to go for help- all of it is important. Keep a folder. At least for the first year it’s always nice to have. When I moved on campus my mom gave me a folder of what I saw at the time as useless information. I’ve used it MANY times throughout the year.
-Living on campus as a student or planning to visit as a parent? I highly suggest stopping at rest-stops (if you have a longer drive) or gas stations along the way and look for information pamphlets about fun stuff in town or a good map and put this in the folder too. There are some available in the University Union as well.

You got an amazing description of R&R (or will be receiving one shortly) if you were an admitted freshman planning on attending UWGB.
Now, I know it’s your final weeks as a Senior, and I remember the senioritis well, so I will summarize for those who have brains as fried as I remember mine being.

-You will have a lot of icebreakers that you will think are lame and cheesy- but they really do help you meet people-so you should do them anyway- everyone looks and feels just as silly as you do.
-You will get TONS more information.
-You will pick classes for your first semester of college. That being said, don’t worry about it, you will have TONS of help doing so!
-YOU WILL HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN….. it will be your picture for four years- and you have to carry it everywhere- don’t say you haven’t been warned. That being said, if you don’t care for your picture- you already have something in common with people here- and it’s no big deal.
-You will be asked if you have any questions throughout and at the end of the day, and you will probably not be able to think of any. On the way home you will think of 1,000 and remember that you have an e-mail of a wonderful Ambassador, who is a student just like you- and contact information for pretty much any department you may have questions for.

Oh, and you’ll get to meet me! I’m one of those Ambassador people you’ll be with all day- so feel free to ask me any questions, or just say hello!

If you have any other questions, general or specific, or you’d like to see a blog about anything in this last week you should e-mail me at or hit the little comment button (try it, it’s kind of fun!) and leave me a message!

3 thoughts on “Questions? No Need to Raise Your Hand…”

  1. Hi Caitlin (I love your name!)! I hope you get this! I’m so happy to hear you are looking at GB!

    Paying for college isn’t easy but you have lots of options! In the US we have financial aid opportunities and students have the option to work on campus (which is actually fun and a great way to meet people).

    Also, look online for scholarships. It may be different for you being in the UK- but it’s worth a try just looking! 🙂

    (The cost of living/entertainment here is not bad at all, however! I made it through my first year spending less than $300 for fun events and concerts in and around campus.)

    I’m not sure what kind of opportunities or options you have coming from the UK so I will hook you up with the financial aid information and they can get you on the right track!

    Here’s a website where you can ask a direct question:

    Here is the contact information for the director of financial aid:
    Ron Ronnenburg:

    And a phone number for the financial aid office if that’s easier:
    (920) 465-2075

    Good Luck!

  2. Hey 🙂
    I’m from the UK and wanna come to Green Bay. Is it difficult to get in/keep on top of fees? Cause the system is COMPLETELY different here, we don’t have to pay to go to Univerrsity so I have NO idea about how to pay for everything! arggh!
    – thanks 🙂

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