Call for Proposals: OPID’s Annual Spring Conference (Due Monday, Feb. 7 2022)

FROM: The UW Office of Professional & Instructional Development (OPID)

OPID’s Annual Spring Conference

The Joys of Teaching & Learning / Cultivating community

  • Friday, April 22 & 29, 2022 (virtual, via Zoom)
  • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. + Fireside chats
  • Registration is free to all UW educators

Call for Proposals

Proposal submission deadline: Monday, February 7, 2022

Cultivating community is an ongoing practice in the University of Wisconsin System, with 13 universities sharing a common purpose of educating, uplifting, and mentoring our students to seek meaningful, productive, and transformative lives.

Cultivating community is one of the objectives, challenges, and joys of teaching and learning. It results from intentional and sometimes not-so-intentional practices. It may be guided by faculty and instructors, but also emerges organically among students. How do we cultivate environments and relationships that result in a sense of belonging among our students? How do we extend teaching and learning beyond four walls of a classroom? What are some innovative ways to cultivate community online? How do we cultivate community with our partners in non-profit organizations, businesses, K-12 schools, in prisons?

Although the lingering Covid-19 pandemic has strained our work, it also reveals how change can empower us to adopt and adapt new teaching and learning practices. These new practices may be more flexible, effective, and relevant for these times. How do we cultivate community and a sense of belonging among students, faculty, instructors, and colleagues and employers external to the university? What barriers or challenges have you encountered when trying to cultivate community?

We invite you to participate in The Joys of Teaching & Learning / Cultivating community by sharing your experiences, ideas, questions, failures, and accomplishments. We welcome innovative and interactive proposals that strengthen a sense of community among UW faculty, instructors, and students. We encourage proposals that cross university and disciplinary lines, and that are grounded in the scholarship of teaching and learning. We invite Wisconsin Teaching Fellows & Scholars alumni to reengage with SoTL. We challenge faculty and instructors to open up new spaces for approaching and understanding teaching and learning in the UW System. Let’s re-imagine, re-define, and re-vision new possibilities for cultivating community.

Suggested Formats:

  • Break-out sessions – 30- or 60-minute presentations, panels, or roundtables
  • Posters or papers
  • Lightning rounds – 5-7-minute talks

Suggested Focal Points:

  • Equity-minded pedagogies
  • Digital pedagogies
  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
  • Grading, ungrading, and alternative assessments
  • High-impact experiential teaching and learning practices: First-year seminars and experiences, common intellectual experiences, learning communities, writing-intensive courses, collaborative assignments and projects, undergraduate research, diversity/global learning, ePortfolios, service- and community-based learning, internships, capstone courses.
  • Proposed new HIPs
  • Mental health and wellness for students and instructors
  • Mindfulness and burnout
  • Activism and resistance
  • Online STEM labs
  • Professional development for educators

We Welcome:

  • Pre-recorded and live sessions.
  • Multi-speaker presentations and panels, ideally from more than one university.
  • Multi-media and performative presentations.
  • Inclusion of student voices.

Proposal submission deadline: Monday, Feb. 7, 2022, via the online form.

Proposals will be anonymously reviewed by faculty and instructors in OPID’s Advisory Council.

Signature Programs Committee

Chair, Sylvia Tiala (UW-Stout); Members – Verda Blythe (UW-Madison), Abhimanyu Goush (UW-Stout), Veronica Justen (UW-River Falls), Bryan Kopp (UW-La Crosse), Mary-Beth Leibham (UW-Eau Claire), Heather Pelzel (UW-Whitewater), Erin Speetzen (UW-Stevens Point), Jamie White-Farnham (UW-Superior).


Contact Fay Yokomizo Akindes, Director, Systemwide Professional & Instructional Development, or 608-263-2684.

Call for Faculty College Cohorts

This year marks the 41st Faculty College and it will be nothing like the past. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Faculty College will be online with an abbreviated schedule: Monday, May 24, through Thursday, May 27.  Programming will focus on timely and relevant themes:  Equity-Minded Wellness and Pedagogy. Faculty at our 13 universities have made clear the need for professional development in equity-minded wellness and pedagogy, particularly as it enhances HIPs. Folded into this theme are effective practices in student-centered teaching and learning.

We are seeking two cohorts that will meet to discuss each theme:

  1. Equity-Minded Wellness on Monday, May 24 and Tuesday, May 25.
  2. Equity-minded Pedagogy on Wednesday, May 26 and Thursday, May 27.

Cohorts will participate in workshops from 9 a.m.–12 p.m., and then we will engage with their cohort either synchronously or asynchronously briefly in the afternoons to reflect on their learning and consider next steps.

If you are interested, please respond to this survey

Note anyone who attends Faculty College this year will still be able to apply to attend when it returns to an in-person format. 

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Call for Proposals: OPID Spring Conference Online (Due. Wed., Feb. 24, 2021)

FROM: The UW Office of Professional & Instructional Development (OPID)

OPID Spring Conference (Online)

  • Fridays, April 9, 16, and 23, 2021
  • 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Registration is free to all UW educators

Proposal submission deadline: Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021

March 2020 was a turning point, necessitating remote teaching, learning, and living for most of us. It was a challenging time especially for faculty and instructors who had never taught online before. Summer was a time of reflection and continual learning: teaching effectively online with the assistance and guidance of Centers for Teaching and Learning. Fall semester was a continuation of mostly online and hybrid teaching and learning in a time of escalated crises. As Gloria Ladson-Billings said at the Wisconsin Leadership Summit in October, we are in a moment of four pandemics – Covid-19, the economic collapse, climate catastrophe, and racism. Collectively these intersecting pandemics have exposed pre-existing disparities – based on race, ethnicity, social class, gender, sexuality, and geography – that necessitate intersecting pedagogies.

We invite you to participate in The Joys of Teaching & Learning /refresh/: OPID Spring Conference Online for UW Educators on three consecutive Fridays in April. We invite proposals in the following two tracks:

  • Innovative Pedagogies: How did teaching and learning during a time of multiple crises necessitate innovative pedagogies? What new and creative anti-racist and inclusive approaches did you adopt during the multiple pandemics? How did you assess student learning outcomes? What new questions regarding teaching and learning emerged?
  • Digital Pedagogies: How did digital technologies enable and/or challenge you to teach in ways different, innovative, and effective from pre-Covid environments? How do digital technologies help us to expand our pedagogies to promote student learning more effectively and equitably in virtual and in-person courses? How do digital technologies enable students to share their knowledge innovatively and authentically?

Possible areas to address:

  • Active learning
  • Anti-racist activism and resistance
  • Equity and access to technology
  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
  • Relationship-building
  • Grading and alternative assessments
  • High-impact practices
  • Mental health and wellness for students and instructors
  • Compassion, kindness, empathy
  • Online STEM labs
  • Social media platforms
  • Digital apps
  • Faculty and instructor development

Pre-recorded and live sessions are welcome. All live sessions will be recorded for archival viewing.

We welcome multi-speaker presentations and panels, up to 3 speakers.

All sessions will be abbreviated for online platforms (10-30 minute sessions).

Multi-media and performative presentations are welcome.

Inclusion of student voices is encouraged.

Proposal submission deadline: Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021 via the online form.

Proposals will be anonymously reviewed by faculty and instructors in OPID’s Advisory Council.

Questions – Contact Fay Akindes, Director, Systemwide Professional & Instructional Development, or 608-263-2684.