1) When are you graduating? I am graduating in the Spring of 2020
2) What are your career plans? I want to go into some form of counseling whether it be in a school with kids or working elsewhere with adults.
3) Why did you major in psychology? I majored in psychology because I have always known that I wanted to help people become their best selves and be there for support when needed. I love learning about different disorders and how to help people that need it most.
4) What do you do for fun? I love spending time with my family and friends whether its relaxing or going to the mall or doing something outside. I really enjoy reading and finding new things to experience with the people that I love.
5) What academic experience or accomplishment are you most proud of? I am very proud of the Independent Study that I am going to have the chance to do next year which will improve my understanding in psychology overall and I am also proud of branching out on campus when it comes to volunteering and being part of clubs.
6) What is your favorite movie, book, and TV show related to psychology? My favorite book related to Psychology is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. It focuses a lot on mental illness and gives an insight into the mind of somebody who is very much struggling with the people around her but also struggling with her mental illness.
7) What single thing do you hope to accomplish at UWGB before graduating? One thing that I want to accomplish before graduation is trying to become more involved in the clubs on campus because I think that it will really improve my college career as I look back on these years in the future. I want as much experience working with people as possible.
8) What else do you want people to know about you? I really love getting to know others and being a part of the Psychology department and branching out has allowed me to meet so many new people who have the same passions as I do. I am very thankful for all of the experiences that I have had so far at UWGB!