1)When are you graduating? Spring 2020

2)  What are your career plans? Goal is to eventually become a Forensic Psychologist

3)  Why did you major in psychology? Originally psychology was not my first major, however, after some struggles and deep thought psychology was the best option to include all of the things I am passionate about; criminal justice and mental health.

4)  What do you do for fun? Anything outside or including sports: nature walks, swimming, volleyball, fishing, etc.

5)  What academic experience or accomplishment are you most proud of? One of the best academic accomplishments I am most proud of is becoming the Psychology Lab Coordinator at UWGB. It has opened my eyes to research and how much we rely on the community to reach our research goals!

6)  What is your favorite movie, book, and TV show related to psychology? One of my favorite books related to psychology is Saving Normal by Allen Frances.

7)  What single thing do you hope to accomplish at UWGB before graduating? One thing I would like to accomplish before graduating that is not related to academics is walking all the trails in the arboretum.

8)  What else do you want people to know about you? One thing that I believe in is advocating for yourself when seeking help for your mental health, many clinicians use medication as the first option for treatment after diagnoses (mixed with other options) but you know yourself the best. If medication is not something you want there are so many different treatment options out there that may help.