How to ACE Studying for Finals

Study, Study, Study : This may seem self exclamatory but studying does help! Focus on the information you aren’t as confident about first and review the material that you are comfortable with as the day gets closer.

Space it Out : Instead of cramming the night before try to space out your studying at least a couple of days if not a couple of weeks prior. Looking at the material a couple of weeks before the exam and simply lengthening the study session as the test gets closer will create the most benefit.

Mix it Up : Don’t feel the need to study for just one exam, unless you only have one exam. Mix up your study session with different subjects and material to help give your brain a break. Moving from one subject to the next will also keep the productivity level up while keeping yourself engaged.

Projects: Before the week of finals commences try to get as many of projects and papers out of the way to help avoid high levels of work load and low amounts of sleep.

Use Your Resources: There are a plethora of sources to help you ACE your finals and classes. The writing center in the library is an excellent way to have someone look over any projects and papers you feel unsure about. There are also simple things you can do to help create success such as planning study sessions with friends, rewriting your notes, going to see your professors, using quizlet, looking up helpful internet resources and videos, and just repeatedly exposing yourself the the material you strive to learn.

Feeling Overwhelmed? : Self care is extremely important for managing stress and heavy work loads. If you feel excess stress it is healthy and OK to take study breaks and give yourself some time to breath.

With these helpful hints in mind I am confident you will find finals to be a Success!

Author: Katie Sorebo