#GBPsychChase: A simple way to have fun, win prizes, and show off how much you love psychology and UW-Green Bay. 

16387933_1326907684033695_6117836949422154698_nThree Steps:

  1. Do the tasks below (we will add tasks over the course of the semester).
  2. Take a picture and post it on Facebook using the hashtag, #GBPsychChase. Make sure to make it public.
  3. We tally the points and keep the leader-board updated.

*Check out the leader-board here.

The Tasks/Items

  1. Take a selfie with a professor (1 point)
  2. Take a picture at a Psi Chi meeting (1 point)
  3. Take a picture at a PsycHD meeting (1 point)
  4. Post a picture of your notes from your favorite class (1 point)
  5. Take a selfie with a classmate (1 point)
  6. Find a research poster on campus that was done by psychology or human development students and take a selfie in front of it (3 points)
  7. Show us your best “Signature Psych Movies” by reenacting¬† famous study or psychology setting (2 points)
  8. Get a picture with our dean, Chuck Rybak (3 points)