Professional Development Modules

Here are five Professional Development Modules for UWGB Psychology students: (1) The Psych Degree, (2) Career Resources, (3) Graduate School, (4) Marketability, and (5) Resume/Portfolio Building.

Each includes three steps: Watch a Video • Review Relevant Links • Take a Quiz

Before you start any of them, though, make sure you have done these four things:

  1. Download the UWGB Psychology App. You can find it on ITunes or Google Play
  2. Connect With Us on the Social Web. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Follow/Like/Add us.
  3. Start Listening to Our Podcast. Psychology and Stuff comes out every other week and is a good way to get to know faculty, learn about jobs and internships in the community, and hear about interesting psychology-related topics.
  4. Learn About Individualized Learning. We have five types of individualized learning opportunities (e.g., research assistantships, internships) and they can be extraordinary learning opportunities.