“Pulse of the Semester”

The start of the fall semester typically has a comforting rhythm as we return from the summer to a predictable schedule of activities. This year we will not be able to fall into our regular routines as the typical benchmarks—five-week grades, mid-semester evaluations, ratcheting up for end-of-semester projects—will all be different.  

While we can’t put everything back to normal, the Center is working on ways to help you hit these benchmarks in ways that are doable under our present circumstances. 

Be on the lookout for the following resources coming your way this fall: 

  • providing feedback (weeks four and five) 
  • keeping the core of an activity or assignment when shifting to a new learning environment 
  • mid-term evaluations 
  • engaging students who have become unresponsive 
  • gearing up for culminating projects 
  • making referrals and accommodations 

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