Canvas: Kaltura Course Media Gallery

Media Gallery Overview

The Media Gallery feature available in Canvas courses is part of a suite of Kaltura video tools. It allows instructors and students to collaboratively curate and view a collection of videos in a course-specific media gallery. Videos added to a  Canvas course’s media gallery can be viewed by all students enrolled in the course and are accessed by clicking the Media Gallery link in the course’s navigation menu. Media Galleries work hand-in-hand with the My Media tool.

While My Media is a tool for collecting a personal repository of videos, Media Galleries act as a space in a course where My Media videos can be published and seen by all members. The course’s teacher manages the Media Gallery, but teachers and students alike can contribute their videos to the gallery. Teachers may turn on an option to moderate the gallery and require student-submitted videos to receive their approval before they are published to the gallery.

Ideas for Course Media Galleries

  • Media Galleries can be used to collect all of your lecture videos into one easily-found and searchable location.
  • Media Galleries can be used as a place for students to submit video projects that can be watched and reviewed by the entire class.
  • Students could be assigned to find and share topic-relevant YouTube videos to the Media Gallery to create a collaborative library of videos for research and discussion. Please see Adding Public YouTube Videos to My Media for information on importing YouTube videos into My Media.
  • Media Galleries can be used to create video playlists that can be viewed within the gallery and/or embedded elsewhere in your Canvas course.


The guide on how to use the Media Gallery is available on the UKnowIt KnowledgeBase here. If you’d like to explore whether or how to use the Media Gallery in your courses, just request a consultation.