My Last Blog?

The last day of classes is days away and my job for Admissions is coming to a close. This may be my last blog, at least for a while, but I will always answer any questions you have about our wonderful University. I won’t be updating this site during the summer, but anyone can send me a comment, question, or message to my email.

You can email me at

This summer I will be moving back to Appleton where I will be interning at 95.9 KISS FM and working part-time at a grocery store. I would rather be out on the golf course everyday, but I have to make some money for the fall semester. I’m not too much looking forward to the grocery store, but my internship should be a lot of fun and give me a lot of experience for my future.

Besides work, I will still have some fun, go golfing, and see some movies cause after all it is summer vacation. You got to have some fun!

I’m also looking forward to my family vacation in early August. It’s a while out still, but it doesn’t hurt to have something to look forward to while you are checking out groceries. I go up to the Minocqua area in Northern Wisconsin with my whole family and stay in my uncle’s cabin by the lake for a week. We go golfing, water skiing, and all the other camp-like activities you can think of…it’s a blast!

This may be your last summer before you come to UWGB. So in that case, maybe I will see you around campus next semester, but for now, have a great summer break! Remember to have some fun and shoot me an email whenever you want. Thanks for reading my blogs all year long, I had fun!

End of the Year is Very Near

When I say end of the year, I mean end of the semester. I just put year cause it rhymes with near…catchy huh?

The end of the school year means different things to everybody. Those who are graduating might think…wow…what now…the real world? And others might think…thank goodness summer is here finally!

Personally I have mixed feelings for the end of school and the start of summer vacation. On one hand, it will be nice to have a break from school. No homework, presentations, projects, or deadlines. I will also be interning at 95.9 KISS FM which will be a blast. But, on the other hand I will miss living on my own and being with all my friends. I also have to work a full time job in the summer, which I’m sure most of you know it’s not a cup of tea either. Especially when the job is not so glamorous.

I can’t help but remember back to Middle School, where summer vacation really lived up to its title. With no job, every day of summer was another day off to relax…at least it was for me. But those days are far-gone and today I’m lucky to have one full day off with nothing at all to do but kick back and relax. But that’s how it works out and everyone knows that as you get older, the workload doesn’t get any lighter.

I should be plenty busy over the summer, but I WILL still find time to have fun. After all what’s summer if you don’t have a little fun? I will try to get out on the golf course at least once a week, hopefully go to a few cinematic adventures, and of course there is my trip up north planned for early August. A full week with no stress and work…that’s sounds good right about now. In all reality, towards the end of June, I’ll be begging to come back to school. I always want what I don’t have it seems! When it’s summer I want to be at school and when I’m at school I can’t wait till summer. Funny how that work out I guess.

But enough about me…I would like to learn about your summer plans before your first semester here at UWGB! Please send messages or post comments on any big plans you have for the summer sun. Thanks for reading this post and now I have to go finish off my semester on a good note. It’s study time!

Shorewood Golf Course

It’s Open! Winter is finally gone (or so it seems) and the Shorewood Golf Course is now open for business. I may have mentioned this UWGB perk in a previous blog entry, but this one will be solely dedicated to the links.

For those who don’t know, Shorewood Golf Course is a 9-hole course located within the bounds of the UWGB campus. Shorewood is only a short walk away from many parts on campus with the longest walk only being about 15 minutes. In fact, some of the resident halls have views over looking the golf course. Most campuses don’t have such a luxury, but UWGB does. If you are an avid golfer or just occasionally like playing for fun there is nothing more convenient than playing a round of nine holes at Shorewood Golf Course. Students are busy people and we don’t have a lot of time on our hands to waste, so convenience is huge. UWGB also has a full disc golf course near Shorewood that is for Student use…that is when the weather is nice!

Money is also a factor for college students; most of us don’t have a whole lot of it. And the money we do have goes to food and stuff just to keep us alive. Some golf courses you can end up paying $20 or more for a round of nine holes, but not at the Shorewood Golf Course. Being a student here makes you eligible for a student discount. That means if you wanted to go play a round right now, it would only cost you 8 bucks. That’s less than a dollar per hole. I think it’s quite a deal…a deal that I took advantage of myself on Friday afternoon. I love golf and I try to get over to the course whenever I get the opportunity to.

Besides the golf, Shorewood is known around campus as a great place to eat. The Shorewood Restaurant inside of the clubhouse welcomes golfers and non-golfers to stop on by and enjoy a quality lunch. The Restaurant turns on their grills to the public Monday April 20th for the first time of the year. They have everything from burgers and fries to sandwiches, soup, and pizza. There entire menu can be found on their website. So when the food at the Union doesn’t crave what you are looking for on any particular day, then consider taking a nice walk outside to the Shorewood Golf Course to grab some lunch.

So, after reading this blog I hope you can tell that UWGB has a nice little bonus waiting for you when you arrive. A full 9-hole golf course complete with pro shop, restaurant, and leagues awaits a new class of freshmen each year, a new group of students who get to enjoy one of the many perks of UWGB. If you are interested in learning more about what the Shorewood Golf Course has to offer, go check out their main website.

Too bad it’s raining out right now as I write this, but if it wasn’t I might just be at Shorewood instead of working! J Please comment, I look forward to your feedback and questions.

Student Employment

You are probably asking yourself if you should be getting a job while you are attending UWGB as a freshman. And the answer that I would give you is…you sure can if you want. Personally, I didn’t have a job during my freshman year because I wanted to focus on my grades and ease into the “new” college life. In other words, I didn’t want to take on too much too fast. I then worked during winter and summer break to make some extra cash for the following semester. If you do decide to get a job, I would recommend a job here on campus. There are many different opportunities and the convenience is unbeatable. Especially if you don’t have a vehicle, you can walk to work just like you walk to class. In fact, as I write this right blog right now, I am at “work” for the Office of Admissions.

It would take a whole paragraph to list out all of the job possibilities on campus, but if you are interested in student employment you can leave a comment below asking for more information. I may be able to point you in the right direction. Also, you can probably find a lot about UWGB job possibilities and opportunities on the campus website. Just do some digging and that may pay off too. The earlier you look into it, the better chance you may have of locking something down for the upcoming semester.

Working on campus does have some perks. Like I said before, they are convenient and student employers are also very flexible with students schedules. They all know we are full time students and they will work with you to find times that work out for everyone.
Another perk that not many people know about is Student Employee Appreciation Week, which just so happens to be this upcoming week…April 13th-17th. Green Bay Student Employment is hosting the fourth annual Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) competition. Outstanding student workers have the chance to be nominated by their supervisors and receive various awards and recognitions for their hard work. The week also offers a number of events in celebration of student employees. The events include:

– Open Rock Climbing at the Kress Events Center

– Free Ice Cream, Cookies, and Popcorn at various times during the week

– Free Games in the Phoenix Club on Tuesday

– And More!

These events are for student employees only to reward them for all their hard work. So, when you are thinking about getting a job to get some extra cash or help pay for school… then you may want to take a look at what UWGB has to offer. Let me know if you have any questions about job possibilities and I would be happy to write back with some advice.

UWGB Madness

For some sports fans the month of March can’t come fast enough. March means March Madness and the College Basketball Tournament of course. I haven’t followed much of the action this year because I didn’t fill out any fantasy brackets, but it was nice to see the UWGB woman’s team make the tourney and it was fun to watch Terry Evens from the UWGB men’s team in the dunk contest. But for those who don’t follow College B-Ball at all, it’s okay cause this blog isn’t about sports anyways.

My roommate on the other hand is obsessed with College Basketball and filling out those brackets. I call him the Bracket Master. In the spirit of the month, he came up with an idea to incorporate his love of College Basketball with his other love…movies. He told the 3 of us that we should all pool our DVDs together to make a 64 movie super bracket to see what our favorite movie is between the four of us. At first we thought he was a little loopy and probably bored off his mind, but after he constructed the bracket itself…we all got into the same spirit. From here, each of us put in our 16 favorite DVDs and then randomly placed them with different rankings and match-ups.

The bracket was made up of 4 sheets of paper and was tacked to the wall. But I thought it would be nice for you guys to see what the outcome was, so I copied it onto my computer. The format of the bracket is the same as any bracket but without the lines. I hope you all can follow it easily.

***Sorry it’s not so easy to see right now, but I will work on getting it better***

***Visit Facebook for a little clearer image***

So how did we determine the winner of each match-up with 4 people? Well, we didn’t simply have the higher seed win…Ex) The 1 seed did not automatically beat the 16 seed; it was up to a vote. It’s hard to vote on something with 4 people because there is always a chance it will be a tie, but we used a gold coin when this occurred…leaving the entire decision up to chance. As you can see, the movie Departed ended up winning the entire bracket, making it our favorite movie between the four of us and the winner of UWGB Madness. It’s funny because that movie is not any of our single favorite movies, but when we all voted together…that’s how it worked out. I would have loved to see it lose to Back to the Future, but my roommates had the vote and majority ruled.

I hope you enjoyed my story of something fun my roommates and I did in the spirit of March Madness. The fact is, there are many more stories where that came from. When you’re in college and get to live on campus, there are many opportunities to have very spontaneous, random moments and that usually proves for an entertaining night. To conclude, I would like to hear your comments on this bracket. Do most of our votes compare to those that you would have made? Or what movie would you of had winning the whole sha-bang? Thanks!

Spring Break 09

Spring Break came earlier than usual for UWGB students, the second week of March to be exact and I couldn’t have been happier. I myself took full advantage of the week off by taking a road trip to a warmer frontier. I left Wisconsin and my cares behind and took off in a minivan filled with my two roommates Aaron and Dan, alongside a bunch of snacks for an epic trip. Our destination…Florida USA. To be more specific, my friend Aaron’s Aunt and Uncle’s home in Windermere Florida. This wasn’t our first road trip down to the Orlando area, but rather our second trip in a row…a kind of tradition that never fails to entertain and excite. These are our stories! Doon Doon J

Day 1 (Sunday)

Arrival date. After an 11-hour drive from Nashville we arrived at our destination at 5 PM with the sun shinning and temperature a nice 80 degrees. We loaded all of our baggage from our car to the house, exchanged hellos with Aaron’s relatives, and got ready to leave right away to see an Orlando Magic basketball game at Amway Arena. This was my first time to see a professional basketball game, so I was really excited for the game. We arrived at the arena just in time for valet parking and then we took our seats for what was a very exciting match-up. The Magic took on the Utah Jazz that Sunday night and eventually beat them with the help of Dwight Howard. We left the arena pretty late at night and drove it back to our “home” where I played some cribbage with Aaron’s uncle Ross and then called it a night. I won of course!

Day 2 (Monday)

Today was beach day. We put suntan lotion on and left early for Daytona Beach Florida. It was about an hour drive from Orlando and we arrived at the beach sometime just before 11 in the morning. We parked the car (not on the beach) and walked the beach up and down a few times. It’s a huge beach and I think we walked a few miles when it was all said and down. At least the sights and sounds made the walk worth our while. It was the perfect temperature out and the sand was warm on the feet. We ended up eating a very late lunch at 3 PM because we couldn’t find a restaurant to save ourselves, but we did eventually found a nice burger and seafood hut right on the ocean. We sat outside and had to fight away squirrels that would steal French fries off your plate if you weren’t paying attention. Afterwards we checked out a sweet lighthouse across the street and returned to the beach to enjoy the sunset and some ice cream.

Day 3 (Tuesday)

Golf day number 1! My roommates and myself are all big golf fans, both playing it and watching it on television. I am actually watching golf while I am writing this blog right now. We got up early again and drove down the road, only a few miles away from where we stayed, to play 18 holes of golf. The weather was again perfect and we had ourselves a beautiful day of golf. As some of you may not no how long it takes to play 18 holes, we finished our play in just over 4 hours and that was with golf carts. It is along day of fun, but when the round is over it is sure nice to get something to eat and relax for a bit. And that is just what we did; we went back to our home for the week and kicked back for an hour. In the afternoon, we got a chance to go down to the lake and ride sea-doos for a few hours, which was freaking awesome. It was my first time on one of those and it was great cruising around an empty lake at 60 mph!

Day 4 (Wednesday)

A day at Disney World. Wednesday was my favorite day of my spring break and it was the day that we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We left extra early that morning and arrived with the huge crowd (Disney World is always so busy) at around 9 AM. This was my first time at this park, so I was amazed at how authentic the park looked. There were animals, trees, and plant life everywhere just like you were walking through a jungle. Our first ride was called Dinosaur, which was a tipsy turvy ride through a time when dinosaurs ruled the planet. We also stood in line for over an hour to ride the safari, but it was well worth the wait. It was over a 5-minute ride and we got to see animals such as giraffes, rhinos, and lions. Afterwards we stood in line again for over an hour, but this time it was to ride the brand new rollercoaster, Expedition Everest. The roller coaster was amazing, there was even a time when it went backwards threw the mountain. On our way out we stopped at the Rainforest Café to eat dinner. The restaurant was just as authentic as the park itself, fully decked out with animals and the whole jungle atmosphere. The food was great and it was a great way to cap off another great day in Florida.

We were there one more day on Thursday and we pretty much did exactly what we did on Tuesday. We golfed again in the morning, this time at a different course, and then we relaxed and went sea-dooing in the afternoon. We then spent our last night in Florida making homemade delicious pizzas and playing poker. It was a very relaxing and fun night before we had to get up super early at 6 AM in the next morning for our departure. The trip home is never as much fun as the trip down, but we ended up watching the movie Knowing in theatres in Indiana on our stop on Friday night. All and all it was a fantastic trip and I wouldn’t trade anything or do anything different. I suggest to anyone to go on a big road trip when you have the opportunity to do so, and spring break is a great chance for that. You will meet new people and experience things that you never thought you would before. Let me know if you have any questions about my trip or about UWGB. I will be doing my next blog about things going on around UWGB so watch out for that,…Thanks!

A little bit of everything

This weekend was a lot of fun! Friday afternoon I took a road trip down to Madison with 9 of my friends for the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Awards. The WBA Awards give acknowledgement to University excellence in television and radio. Since I am the Station Manager for Phlash TV, UWGB’s very own student-run television station, I was very excited to see if we won any awards. And Awards we won! Phlash TV took home five awards, including 2nd place in one of the most prestigious categories, Newscast. UWGB’s radio station, WGBX, also attended the awards and received three awards for various categories. The event also has many student seminars that we got the chance to attend and learn from. It was a lot of good information pertaining to television and radio for our career and future as broadcasters. We got to stay in the Madison Marriot Hotel free of charge and we ate dinner at a restaurant called Cheeseburger Paradise. And yes, they did play the Cheeseburger in Paradise song by Jimmy Buffet while we were eating!

It was a great weekend, but sadly it went by so quick and now it’s Monday, the worst day of the week. This week is even extra rough because it’s Midterm Week! It’s a very important week for grades and I will probably find myself studying every night for hours. I don’t think my exams will be extremely hard, but that’s if I study up and prepare myself. If I went into an exam blind, I don’t think I would do so hot and I’d be kicking myself afterwards. And next week if Spring Break! I don’t want to be down in Florida thinking about how I wish I had studied more. I want to be down in Florida knowing that I aced my exams and the rest of the semester will be easy sailing. That brings me to my next little bit of everything, my spring break plans.

Spring Break starts this Saturday for UWGB, but Friday for me since I don’t have classes that day. Gotta love those three-day weekends! I plan to go on a road trip down to Florida with my roommates, Aaron and Dan, on route to sunny Florida. It will be nice to have a change from this cold snowy climate down to some sunshine and heat. We will be leaving this Saturday morning and driving down to Nashville where we plan to stay overnight. I have never stayed in Nashville, so I m looking forwards to all the sights and sounds. We then are leaving super early on Sunday morning to go straight to Orlando Florida to see an Orlando Magic basketball game. I have never been to one before so this should be a great treat. We have days planned with golf, Disney World, and Daytona Beach which is really making me wish it was the weekend right now. But in all honesty the time will go fast enough, so I have to enjoy I as it comes and have something in the near future to look forward to!

Wish me luck on my Midterm exams, I hope I don’t need them too much, but it can’t hurt. I m going to go study now, but if you have any questions about this blog or anything about UWGB please let me know! ☺

What a bummer…

Wednesday marked an historic date in the world of professional golf…Tiger Woods return after 8 months. In case you’re in the dark and know nothing about golf, Tiger Woods underwent surgery last year on his left knee after he won the U.S. Open that keep him off the course until now. For me, this is a big deal because golf is one of my passions and I think that Tiger is the single greatest athlete in any sport playing today.

Thursday marked a depressing date in the week of Mike Schilleman. Tiger Woods failed to make it past the second round of the accenture match play tournament and was defeated 4 & 2 by Tim Clark. I had high hopes for the world’s #1, but I may have set standards that were even too high for Tiger Woods. What I, and most of world, forgets is that Tiger is human too and you can’t except him to win his first tournament start back after not playing for a good chunk of a year. But that’s saying a lot for Tiger Woods though, he’s that good that people think he’s going to win every time he steps foot on the first tee.

So why am I telling this all to you? Well because golf is my favorite sport and it’s partially the reason I came to UWGB in the first place. UWGB has its very own 9-hole golf course called The Shorewood Golf Course that’s very convenient for students. It’s winter right now and there is a few feet of snow covering the entire campus, but when the springtime roles around, it’s quite fun to walk over and play 9 holes after class.

If you are at all interested in golf, like myself, then you will be excited to hear that The Shorewood Golf Course offers student discounts on golf, both on the links and in the pro shop. And if you could care less about golf, there is a small restaurant inside that serves killer food at a cheaper price for students of UWGB. The food really is great and on a nice day, it’s only a short walk away from any of your classes for a lunch break.

So, maybe Tiger will win some majors yet this year, but this Sunday will have to bring another golfer to the winner’s podium. And as far as golfing myself goes, I will be down in Florida in two weeks for Spring Break! I will be back very soon with another post, but until then have a great night and let me know if you have any questions or comments?!

Family Weekend!

Saturday February 21st and Sunday the 22nd brought parents to UWGB for the annual Family Weekend.
Family Weekend is truly a great chance for parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters to come down and spend some quality, fun time with their college student. Especially if they live far away from Green Bay and don’t get much of a chance to visit.

UWGB is a great campus for family to come and visit. Besides being a beautiful campus, it yields many great opportunities to have fun. Family Weekend includes a nice agenda filled with activities on campus as well as off. It gives students a great chance to show off their school and Green Bay to their families.

On campus events included “Mini Sessions” which gave families the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of topics, such as: stress, spiders, Wisconsin weather, study abroad opportunities, and more. Also families got a chance to cheer on the Women’s Basketball team at the Kress Events Center when they played Loyola on Saturday night. The campus also opened its doors for a great opportunity to watch a cheap movie for a great price in the Christe Theatre, as well as many chances to eat both in the Cloud Commons and the Ecumenical Center.

As far as off campus events go, families got a chance to take a tour of Lambeau Field and the Packer Hall of Fame, which are both 15 minutes from the University. And a little further in De Pere, everyone drove to Comedy City, which is an improv theatre that grantees to put a smile on your face. It’s similar to the popular show on television, “Who’s Line is it Anyways”, and includes a lot of audience participation.

The Family Weekend also let families explore the entire campus, which includes the new Phoenix Bookstore and the Phoenix Club. The special weekend is not all free, though there are some that are. But for the range of events, the prices are not too shabby! So when you are a freshman here at UWGB, you can look forward to “Family Weekend”. You can show your family around town, introduce them to your friends, and have a great time. And who knows, they might not have many opportunities to visit. It’s a long ways away, but time flies…so mark your calendar!

Frost Fest!

For me, Friday the 13th was the busiest day of 2009 so far! Last Friday capped off a full weeklong event called Frost Fest at UWGB with a event called UWGB Nites.

The event started on 9 PM and included a magician named Derek Hughes, a game show called Phlash Card, crafts, carnival and video games, a midnight breakfast, an acoustic musician named John Kollmann, and the movie Twillight.

Phlash TV, a student organization that I’m very much involved in, presented the game show, Phlash Card! And part of my duty to make sure the game show went smoothly in every way. Putting all the hard work beside, the night was a blast and we had the whole commons at the edge of their seats. The event started at Midnight, but for me it started at 11 AM.

I got to campus in the morning and didn’t step outside again until 2 in the morning. It was a long day that started in my office editing videos for the event. After editing videos, I started to setup for the show at around 6 PM. Everyone on staff put in a helping hand and we just got everything together in time for a rehearsal. The rehearsal went alright, but we really nailed the real deal at Midnight.

Phlash card is a game show created by the student org, Phlash TV, which combines the game of poker, jeopardy, and the use of physical challenges. The full show was 45 minutes and consisted of 3 physical challenges: ice cream eating contest, scavenger hunt, and a dance off. The two teams that participated in the game show were the student newspaper, The Forth Estate, and the student radio station, WGBX. Each team was great and the crowd really got into it. Many prizes were given away, such as t-shirts, concert tickets, Tundra Lodge Water Park tickets, Gamblers tickets, and much more! After the show and clean up, I didn’t leave the Union until almost 2 AM, but it was totally worth it.

This is just one example of an exciting Friday you would find here on campus. Next month will bring another fun filled UWGB Nites along with new activities. There is always something going on around school, there really is no excuse to say there is no and go home for the weekend. Stuff like UWGB Nites is a great opportunity to meet new people and form friendships while being entertained all night long. Let me know if you have any questions about anything UWGB…Thanks ☺