Cofrin Library

What place on campus do you think has the most visitors this time of year? Yep…you guessed it, it’s the library. With exams and finals next week, students will be having a date with their books this Saturday night instead of their significant other.

The Cofrin Library at UWGB has 8 floors but there are only really 6 that are important to students.

The second floor of the library is where the plaza desk is located. It serves as a spot to check out or return your books. In addition, there are also book return stations located here and on the first floor for your convenience.

The third floor is where the Reference Desk is located. Here you came come with your questions and a librarian will assist you. It also houses the reserved materials that faculty place here for certain classes. The bulk of this floor is taken up by the Reference Collection, which is comprised of the library’s most frequently used books, and plenty of computer workstations for students to use.

Level four is where you can lounge around and take advantage of the newspapers, journals, and magazines. These may be used for leisure or class projects. They serve as an excellent source other than the Internet for essays and papers. You will also find the Popular Reading Collection here that contains the library’s “recreational” books and magazines that any student is able to check out at the front desk.

Level 5 contains the library’s government document collection, map collection, and stacks Q-Z. The stacks are comprised of those library books which circulate. They are arranged from call numbers beginning with Q through Z. The rest of the stacks are located on the 6th floor.

The sixth floor of the library houses the rest of the stacks collection A-P. This is probably my favorite place in the library to go and study. All of the books are located in the middle of the floor and there are private study rooms that run along sides the walls. It is a very quiet and peaceful environment with no distraction that allows you to get all of your work done.

And last but not least is the seventh floor of the Cofrin Library. Here you will find the Special Collections, which contain local history books, photographs, maps, censuses, and oral history tapes focusing on northeastern Wisconsin. Along with those, this floor contains the University Archives, which holds the official and unofficial original records of the University. You can find some real fun and interesting stuff here if you get the chance to pop on up.

I hope that my brief descriptions of the many ins and outs of the library gave you a better look at what to expect once you get to UWGB. It truly is a great library and a great place in general to go study for classes. Let me know if you have any more questions about the Cofrin Library and I will answer them ASAP.

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