Shorewood Golf Course

It’s Open! Winter is finally gone (or so it seems) and the Shorewood Golf Course is now open for business. I may have mentioned this UWGB perk in a previous blog entry, but this one will be solely dedicated to the links.

For those who don’t know, Shorewood Golf Course is a 9-hole course located within the bounds of the UWGB campus. Shorewood is only a short walk away from many parts on campus with the longest walk only being about 15 minutes. In fact, some of the resident halls have views over looking the golf course. Most campuses don’t have such a luxury, but UWGB does. If you are an avid golfer or just occasionally like playing for fun there is nothing more convenient than playing a round of nine holes at Shorewood Golf Course. Students are busy people and we don’t have a lot of time on our hands to waste, so convenience is huge. UWGB also has a full disc golf course near Shorewood that is for Student use…that is when the weather is nice!

Money is also a factor for college students; most of us don’t have a whole lot of it. And the money we do have goes to food and stuff just to keep us alive. Some golf courses you can end up paying $20 or more for a round of nine holes, but not at the Shorewood Golf Course. Being a student here makes you eligible for a student discount. That means if you wanted to go play a round right now, it would only cost you 8 bucks. That’s less than a dollar per hole. I think it’s quite a deal…a deal that I took advantage of myself on Friday afternoon. I love golf and I try to get over to the course whenever I get the opportunity to.

Besides the golf, Shorewood is known around campus as a great place to eat. The Shorewood Restaurant inside of the clubhouse welcomes golfers and non-golfers to stop on by and enjoy a quality lunch. The Restaurant turns on their grills to the public Monday April 20th for the first time of the year. They have everything from burgers and fries to sandwiches, soup, and pizza. There entire menu can be found on their website. So when the food at the Union doesn’t crave what you are looking for on any particular day, then consider taking a nice walk outside to the Shorewood Golf Course to grab some lunch.

So, after reading this blog I hope you can tell that UWGB has a nice little bonus waiting for you when you arrive. A full 9-hole golf course complete with pro shop, restaurant, and leagues awaits a new class of freshmen each year, a new group of students who get to enjoy one of the many perks of UWGB. If you are interested in learning more about what the Shorewood Golf Course has to offer, go check out their main website.

Too bad it’s raining out right now as I write this, but if it wasn’t I might just be at Shorewood instead of working! J Please comment, I look forward to your feedback and questions.

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  1. With winter here, does anyone play snow golf like in the commercial? Looks kind of stupid, but I’d be willing to give it a shot.

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