Twelve Bonuses to Visiting UW-Green Bay this Summer.

  1. No weather issues like a snow storm!
  2. Don’t miss any classes. (It’s summer break!)
  3. You can convince the folks to take you to Packer Practice
  4. Get out of that boring summer job for a day.
  5. See what a real college classroom looks like.
  6. You can wear flip flops on your tour.
  7. Tan while you’re on tour.
  8. Get a free “green” tote to carry your things around in.
  9. Make it part of your Door County vacation.
  10. After the tour, work on your golf game or Frisbee golf game, we have both right on campus!
  11. Make a request to hear your favorite song on the carillon.
  12. See what UWGB residence hall looks like (It’s different than others-come find out why.

Scheduling a campus visit is easy. Get started!

Senior Year Schedule Changes

It’s about this time of year when seniors in high school get antsy to graduate. Are you feeling it? You’re not alone. It’s totally normal to be excited to start the next step, but it can also be very scary. Don’t worry. We are here to help you though this time. Can I tell you what scares me? Senior Year Schedule Changes frighten me.

About this time of year our email inbox is full and our phone is ringing with people who want to change their senior year schedule for spring.  There are lots of reasons people want to change their schedule- they want to work, they are afraid that they won’t do well in the class, they are accepted and they figured their schedule is too difficult-why stress out in your senior year… None of these reasons surprise me, but I rarely approve a schedule change without a REALLY good reason. 

Students get accepted to UW-Green Bay based on the strength of their high school curriculum and a number of other things, but the first thing we look at is a student’s college preparatory work from high school. It’s very important to us. When student calls me asking if a schedule change is OK, the first thing I ask is “Why do you want to change your schedule?”

We really would like to see students stay in their college prep classes. When you’re admitted it is based on the assumption that you will complete the courses you are registered for in your senior year and will maintain your gpa. Any changes to the plan could result in Admissions doing a “take-back” (the technical term is “rescinding admission”) and that is never fun. Calling or emailing us to talk about your options is a really good choice. We will be able to help you figure out the best way to set yourself up to be successful in college.  That is our goal by the way, we want you to graduate from UW-Green Bay!

Senioritis anyone?

I think I had senioritis as a Junior in high school~can any one else relate?

It’s getting to be that time of year when Seniors are feeling the senioritis bug biting pretty hard. Do whatever it takes to avoid this disease-it can really hurt your chances of success in college. Did you know that colleges do “take-backs?” They do-trust me.

Seniors get accepted to colleges during the fall of their senior year and then kinda sit back and enjoy Senior year not realizing that when you graduate, colleges get your final transcript from your high school. We see how bad senioritis really is…we see the low grades, dropped course or fluffy senior years. Evidence at UWGB shows that students whose gpa  drops or they drop courses senior year tend to do poorly when they come to UWGB. So we have gotten a little tougher with senioritis victims- it’s called rescinding admissions (AKA: take-back).

So I know the senioritis disease is catchy and spreading in your high school. Avoid it. Do whatever you can to finish your senior year well. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

If you already have senioritis and you think it might be influencing your grade point average…let us know what’s going on. It’s much better to hear it from you rather than on your final transcript. We are here to help you-please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What do I write in the personal statement?

Personal statements are the number one reason people procrastinate in submitting their applications. Not knowing what to write can feel overwhelming and therefore we say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” I’m hoping I can give you some insight and help you to submit that application today! What they are not:

  • A chance to tell your life story (I was born in 1991 to Mark and Rhonda….)
  • A great moment to tell us how great UWGB is (trust us, we know)
  • Something you should skip over in the application process
  • A place to make excuses for poor performance in high school

What makes a GREAT personal statement:

Honestly the best statements tell us what you have to bring to the campus, your unique experiences, talents, plans for the future. The best also have honest examples of how you’ve overcome academic and/or personal obstacles that could have impacted your academic performance. One of the things we are looking for in the statement is what skills, experiences and insight do you have to help you be successful in college. Success in college is graduating from college. That is our goal; admit people to UWGB who will graduate. Admitting people who don’t have the skills, college prep background or a proven motivation to get a degree are not likely to succeed.

That being said, personal statements can vary quite a bit from student to student depending on their circumstances. The best way to know what will help you “get in” to the college of your choice (hopefully UWGB!) would be to talk to an admissions rep. Call, email, text or even comment on their blog (hint, hint). We are Admissions Advisers because we want to help people get into UWGB. Let me know if you’re struggling with the statement. We can help.

Happy writing! We can’t wait to get your application.

Letters of Recommendation

You might be wondering if letters of recommendation are worth it? Today, I’ll give you the insiders view of letters of rec.

Who should get letters of recommendation? They can be very helpful for people who might be “on the bubble” which means they have the minimum college prep classes in high school, an OK gpa and an OK ACT.  They can also be good for people who maybe had a rough time in high school or have extenuating circumstances.

How many letters of rec are appropriate? One or two typically. Three would be the maximum number…any more than that and the value added decreases.

Who should I have write the letters? Academic sources are preferred (teachers of college prep classes) but non-academic (counselors, employers)  can be helpful too especially when someone has overcome difficult circumstances or had a big change in their high school career.

Honestly, some of the best letters of rec I have ever read were from teachers of subjects that the student didn’t do great in. What we are trying to determine when we make an admissions decision is whether or not the student is able to overcome obstacles (tough classes, time management, distractions etc) in order to graduate from UWGB. When you struggle in English yet your English teacher is willing to write a letter about how hard you work and your motivation despite the struggle…that’s a good letter. We are trying to pick the people most likely to be successful academically in college. Any evidence (eye-witness account) of a student being able to overcome challenges in high school are great letters. Letters of rec should fill in the gaps that your high school transcript and personal statement leave.

 Letters that don’t help a whole lot are ones where the person doesn’t really know you, can’t give specific examples of how you will be successful in college, or letters that repeat things we already know from the transcript or your personal statement. The best way to make sure we get the letters of rec are to email them to us (make sure your name and date of birth are on the email!) or have your high school mail them to us with your transcript. 

On the road

This week I’m out and about Wisconsin with a little jaunt into MN. The University of Wisconsin System hosts workshops for school counselors all over the state. I’ve been getting lots of good questions like: How important is a fourth year of college prep math? How important are letters of recommendation?  What should students write in the personal statement? Great blogging topics!

I will try to address all these questions in the near future, but let’s start with whether or not to wait to apply for admission until after re-taking the ACT in October. For UW-Green Bay, there is no advantage to waiting to apply. When you fill out the application online it asks if you are planning to take the ACT. Make sure to fill that section out because if we think a better ACT score will help us make a positive decision, we will wait to see how you do on the October ACT. (btw, we will tell you that we’re waiting.) 

UWGB does require an official ACT or SAT score for an application to be complete. If you haven’t sent the officials to UWGB yet, do so by contacting ACT directly.  If you send multiple scores, we look at your best composite score.

Side note- I ate at the Thorpeedo in Thorp, WI today. Just in case you were wondering, they do have very fast service and a great chicken noodle soup.

Exciting beginnings….

Today is the first day of the semester and my favorite day every year! New students who have been anxiously awaiting this very day have been bustling to classes, stopping in to ask questions and generally are having a good time learning their way around campus.

The electronic application for admission to UWGB is live for Fall 2009. We can’t begin processing the applications yet, (not until September 15th! It’s the law.) but people have begun filling out their application to UWGB. Don’t hesitate apply today

Oh, a little about me since this is my first ever blog post. (new beginnings for me too) I love my job. I work in the Admissions Office helping students get access to higher education. I never dreamed I’d be an admissions advisor when I “grew-up” but I think it’s the best job in the world.  I’m a UWGB grad (1999) with a Public Administration Major and Business Minor.

I look forward to this new adventure. Cheers to new beginnings!