Stressing over the application statements?

No worries! I’m here to help. I’ve read a lot of application statements and I’ve collected some tips on how to complete the statements with ease:

1)     Write it in a format that allows for spell check. Trust me people. We are spell check babies, we need it. The UW-System application doesn’t have spell check in it. Don’t free type in the statements…we see way too many spelling mishaps!

2)     The first statement is about your most important activity and why…please remember we are looking for evidence that you are going to be successful in college (which means graduate from UWGB) so please remember to make a connection from your most important activity to your future success. Volleyball is fun, but what skills did you learn that are going to help you be successful in college?

3)     The second statement is about what contributions do you bring to the UWGB campus. Write about what makes you different and special. What experiences have you had or taken advantage of that will enhance our learning environment? Brag about your accomplishments! Students are notoriously bad at doing this. My suggestion- Have someone one who loves you read your draft. They will add good things you’ve forgotten.

4)     The third statement is your opportunity to share ANYTHING else. What to write there? Easy, if there is anything that impacted your classes, grades, ACT, and/or life while in high school, this is your chance to tell the story behind the evidence.  Tell us what was going on but don’t forget to share what happened after. What did you learn? How will that experience help you be successful in college? Too many people tell the sad stories, but forget to include the “so what.” Please use this statement to tell us the whole story.

5)     Ask for help! If you’re stuck and you need help. Email us or call 920.465.2111. We want help you complete this application so you can enjoy basking in the glow of being done with college applications and start thinking about all the fun you’re going to have at UWGB.

Senior Year Schedule Changes

It’s about this time of year when seniors in high school get antsy to graduate. Are you feeling it? You’re not alone. It’s totally normal to be excited to start the next step, but it can also be very scary. Don’t worry. We are here to help you though this time. Can I tell you what scares me? Senior Year Schedule Changes frighten me.

About this time of year our email inbox is full and our phone is ringing with people who want to change their senior year schedule for spring.  There are lots of reasons people want to change their schedule- they want to work, they are afraid that they won’t do well in the class, they are accepted and they figured their schedule is too difficult-why stress out in your senior year… None of these reasons surprise me, but I rarely approve a schedule change without a REALLY good reason. 

Students get accepted to UW-Green Bay based on the strength of their high school curriculum and a number of other things, but the first thing we look at is a student’s college preparatory work from high school. It’s very important to us. When student calls me asking if a schedule change is OK, the first thing I ask is “Why do you want to change your schedule?”

We really would like to see students stay in their college prep classes. When you’re admitted it is based on the assumption that you will complete the courses you are registered for in your senior year and will maintain your gpa. Any changes to the plan could result in Admissions doing a “take-back” (the technical term is “rescinding admission”) and that is never fun. Calling or emailing us to talk about your options is a really good choice. We will be able to help you figure out the best way to set yourself up to be successful in college.  That is our goal by the way, we want you to graduate from UW-Green Bay!