What do I write in the personal statement?

Personal statements are the number one reason people procrastinate in submitting their applications. Not knowing what to write can feel overwhelming and therefore we say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” I’m hoping I can give you some insight and help you to submit that application today! What they are not:

  • A chance to tell your life story (I was born in 1991 to Mark and Rhonda….)
  • A great moment to tell us how great UWGB is (trust us, we know)
  • Something you should skip over in the application process
  • A place to make excuses for poor performance in high school

What makes a GREAT personal statement:

Honestly the best statements tell us what you have to bring to the campus, your unique experiences, talents, plans for the future. The best also have honest examples of how you’ve overcome academic and/or personal obstacles that could have impacted your academic performance. One of the things we are looking for in the statement is what skills, experiences and insight do you have to help you be successful in college. Success in college is graduating from college. That is our goal; admit people to UWGB who will graduate. Admitting people who don’t have the skills, college prep background or a proven motivation to get a degree are not likely to succeed.

That being said, personal statements can vary quite a bit from student to student depending on their circumstances. The best way to know what will help you “get in” to the college of your choice (hopefully UWGB!) would be to talk to an admissions rep. Call, email, text or even comment on their blog (hint, hint). We are Admissions Advisers because we want to help people get into UWGB. Let me know if you’re struggling with the statement. We can help.

Happy writing! We can’t wait to get your application.

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