Why Should I Talk to My Professors?

Students often see professors as unrelatable, prestigious robots. Surprise, they’re people too! They have families, watch Parks and Rec, and even trip up the stairs sometimes. 

That’s what office hours are for!

Professors have office hours because it’s a part of their job, but more importantly, because they want to meet you. Go to your professor’s office hours near the beginning of the semester to talk about class content, your major, or their research. The sooner you start to form a relationship with your professors, the better! Then if you get confused in class or need help with an assignment, it will be easier to ask for help.

They’re in the loop!

Individualized learning opportunities are some of the most valuable learning experiences in college, but sometimes they’re hard to find. Professors are the first to know about internships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. By talking to your professors about your goals, they can help connect you to opportunities that are right for you.

They have connections!

Deciding what to do after school is tough. Your professors can help! They can give you information and resources about potential jobs or graduate programs. Whether you decide to go to apply for a job or a graduate program, you’ll need references. Professors can’t write you a letter of recommendation if they don’t know you!

Get to know your professors early in your college career. They want you to be successful and they’ll help you along the way.


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