The Power of Positivity 

1) Glass half full or glass half empty? 

It is all about the perspectives. Not everything is 100% perfectly perfect, and that is ok. It is important to learn how to look at life as a blessing and not a curse. You accomplish that and your perception of the half filled glass will change as well.

2) What makes you happy? 

Do things that bring joy and confidence to your life. Wether that be working out, drawing, studying, reading a book, petting your cat, or talking with friends. Fill your life with what you love and bring purpose.

3) Gratitude 

It is a simple yet easy way for you to look at your life gratefully. Take a couple minutes everyday to list what you are thankful for. It is pretty painless process to list 10 things on a small sheet of paper before your first class, list them to yourself in the car, or even on your phone right before you go to bed. If I can do it, you can do it.

4) Flip your thoughts 

If you ever find yourself thinking negatively, redirect. You can change a thought of, “I am not smart enough to pass this test” to “I am intelligent enough to take this test”. Even the knowledge of knowing you have the power to reframe your thoughts brings about a positive outlook on any topic.

5) Moxie 

The positive thoughts you produce directly affect your moxie, or confidence. With an increased level of confidence you can attack lives challenges head on, with little to no hesitation.

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Author: Katie Sorebo