UWGB Psych Faculty created funny videos to illustrate and describe particular concepts in psychology. You can watch them below and vote for the winner before Wednesday, March 27th, at 8pm). You can vote in the poll on The Psych Report, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Black Cat Magic (w/Dr. Kris Vespia)*

*Make sure to check out her blooper real below.

A Look at Ryan’s Brain: A Journey into the Neuroscience Lab (w/Drs. Cowell and Martin)

This is how I teach: Snow day edition (w/Dr. Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges)

LIVE from the Cwing (w/Drs. Holstead, Senzaki, and Cupit)

Vote here and at @UWGBpsych on Twitter.

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Black Cat Blooper (w/Dr. Kris Vespia)