Exam Conversions Available

In response to the added challenges of the semester, CATL has procured limited access to a tool for converting and importing quizzes (or exams) to Canvas. The tool converts a formatted text document (.txt, .rtf, or Word) into a Canvas quiz. Details of the formatting required can be found in this document (downloadable PDF).

Use this form (instructor login required) to submit a link to the intended course and your documents of 20 or more questions for CATL to convert and upload. Note that depending on the volume of requests, it may take up to a week for CATL to process your document. Submitting an incorrectly formatted document may result in additional delays in the processing of your request, so please read the formatting guidelines carefully.

Once your request has been processed, we will upload your exam directly into your Canvas course in the Quizzes area. The confirmation message that the exam is available will include information on how to finish applying settings and making the exam available to students.