CATL Concierge Assistance

In addition to consultations and professional development opportunities, CATL offers a limited menu of “concierge” services to help make instructors’ lives a little easier. How to request any of these support services can be found in the descriptions below.

Canvas “Spot-Checks”

A Teaching, Learning, and Technology Consultant or Instructional Designer will do a spot check of your course in Canvas. A few things we always check for include course organization, whether features are turned on or off, and basic accessibility features. If there’s something specific you’d like to get a closer look, such as the setup of discussion groups or grading breakdown, let us know. Request a once-over by emailing

Transparency Checks

Not sure if your instructions are clear? Looking for a better way to phrase something because students always seem to miss your meaning? Send a copy (or direct link in Canvas) of your instructions, syllabus language, etc. and we’re happy to take a look for transparency, inclusive language, and student-centered language. Looking to work with someone to review an entire course? We encourage you to schedule a consultation.

Canvas Integrations

In order to best manage instructor and student data in Canvas, campus Canvas admins ask that instructors wishing to use an integration requiring administrator action complete a request for integrations for their courses. The request form is available here.

A list of available apps is available on this page. Other limitations (such as whether we have an institutional license) vary by product. External App approval is done by UW-System based upon publisher compliance with System policies. To request an integration not listed, please email Most requests take 30-60 days to complete.

Caption Generation

Videos posted in Kaltura My Media now automatically generate “machine captioning.” This is an important step in making course materials accessible, but it isn’t perfect. If you require full-accuracy captions to comply with an SAS request, please email with a sharable link to each video requiring captions.

Text-to-Canvas Quiz Conversion

CATL has limited access to a tool for converting and importing “quizzes” (or exams) to Canvas. The tool converts a formatted text document (.txt, .rtf, or Word) into a Canvas ‘quiz.’ Details of the formatting required can be found in this document (downloadable PDF). When you’ve got your document, use this brief form (instructor login required) to submit a link to the intended course and your documents of 20 or more questions for CATL to convert and upload. Note that depending on the volume of requests, it may take some time for CATL to process your document. We will upload your exam directly into Canvas in the Quizzes area and the confirmation message that the exam is available will include information on how to finish applying settings and making the exam available to students.