Distance Education Certificate Program

The Provost’s Office is launching a Distance Education Certificate program in June. With the help of the CARES Act and the Provost’s Office, instructors who participate this summer will earn stipends for completing courses in the program. Anyone developing or reconfiguring a course for any of the distance education modalities is encouraged to participate.

The certificate program will consist of three courses. Instructors will earn stipends after completing each of the courses, which act as steps in the certification sequence. Instructors will earn a badge after completing the first and second courses in the sequence, and the distance education certificate after completing the third course.

The first course is called “Teaching with Technology Basecamp” and instructors will earn $150 for completing it. This course widens the scope of the previous Foundations of Teaching in Canvas course to include information on course development in distance environments as well as technical information on the various physical and digital rooms instructors will use for teaching distance education courses. As a basecamp, it will provide the essentials you need to be successful on the path to building your course.

Registration for the first course, Teaching with Technology Basecamp, is now open and you may continue to register throughout the summer. This self-paced course will launch on Monday, June 7 and new registrants will be enrolled every Monday all summer.

While the basecamp will provide essentials, the second course will help guide you in the development of your class. Look for this course after the Fourth of July. Instructors who complete this course over the summer will earn $500.

The second course helps with course development but, as we all know, planning and doing present separate issues. The third course will provide help and support during the teaching of your distance educations course. Look to sign up for this course in August for the Fall Semester. As long as funding lasts, instructors will earn $500 for completing this course.

More details on this opportunity are forthcoming, so instructors are encouraged to stay tuned to The Cowbell and their UWGB email in the coming weeks.