Nursing at UW-Green Bay

UW-Green Bay has very strong partnerships to bring a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree to students looking to work in the nursing field. Because there are multiple pathways, it can be confusing to navigate. Our Admissions team is ready to explain all the possible pathways and find the best fit for students. If you have a student interested in Nursing please connect them with us. Here is a snapshot of our different pathways.

Nurse 1-2-1 is our newest pathway and it is designed for freshmen. Students complete one year at UWGB, two years at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) and then finish their BSN with one final year at UWGB. After four years, the students will graduate from UWGB with their Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from NWTC.  This program has competitive admissions requirements, but offers a direct entry into the nursing program and excellent collaborative advising. Students can live on campus at UWGB all four years. While enrolled at UWGB, students pay UWGB tuition and while enrolled at NWTC students pay NWTC tuition. This means this program is a very affordable option.

UW-Green Bay has had a very strong BSN completion program for students who have completed their Associate’s Degree in Nursing. Students can complete the degree entirely online, or they can take classes in-person on campus. This is a great option for students who invest in the Associate’s degree and then want to complete their BSN while working in the field.

Bellin College also partners with UW-Green Bay to serve students looking to complete a nursing degree in northeast Wisconsin. Bellin offers a direct entry program  where students take classes at UWGB and Bellin College, ultimately graduating from Bellin College with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Bellin offers freshmen and transfer pathways towards a degree. Their programs are direct entry as well. I highly encourage students to reach out to Bellin advisors directly for more information about their program options.

UW-Green Bay has excellent programs in many health related majors/careers. Our dietetics program is outstanding, and our exercise science/athletic training program is growing as well! Please encourage students who are interested in learning more to attend our Sciences Open House on April 21. That’s a great way to collect information and meet students, faculty and staff experiencing those programs at UWGB right now! For information about this and all of our visit programs, please visit

About the author: Jennifer Jones is the Director of Admissions at UW-Green Bay. Jen has 17 years of experience in higher education. She resides in Green Bay with her husband, two small children, and energetic dog.