From the Director’s Desk…

The exciting times continue at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Building on five consecutive years of enrollment growth, as covered by local news, we have seen a strong and exciting launch into our first year as a four-campus university. Now with campus locations in Green Bay, Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan, UW-Green Bay can provide a new level of access and support to students seeking to continue their education in Northeast Wisconsin.

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Nursing at UW-Green Bay

UW-Green Bay has very strong partnerships to bring a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree to students looking to work in the nursing field. Because there are multiple pathways, it can be confusing to navigate. Our Admissions team is ready to explain all the possible pathways and find the best fit for students. If you have a student interested in Nursing please connect them with us. Here is a snapshot of our different pathways.

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Math Problems

“I’m just bad a math.”
“I’m not going into a STEM major, why do I need all of this math?
“I’m not going to use Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus etc….in real life.”

My high school counselor sat me down my junior year for selecting my senior year classes and informed me that even though I had taken the mandatory three years of college-prep math (Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra- actually I took Algebra 1 twice, but that’s a story for another time) it was in my best interest to take Pre-Calculus my senior year. As you can imagine, I was likely giving him the look your math-challenged students give you that reads: “Seriously?”  He went on to say things that, in hindsight, rang very true:

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College Applications: Advice from Advisors

Applying to college is an exciting (and stressful) time of a student’s life. The application process can be overwhelming and sometimes students might wish they could know what goes through an Admission Advisor’s head while they are reviewing applications. We have gathered some insight from UW-Green Bay’s admissions team on what they think are the most important factors in college admissions.

Let’s meet our experts, Admissions Advisors from UW-Green Bay:

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The Applicant Statement Uncovered

Maybe I’ve watched too many CSI or Law & Order-like shows, but I seriously believe I’m like an investigator when I’m looking at college applications. I am always looking for evidence of success.  When reviewing applications, the first thing we review is a student’s high school record. We are paying special attention to the types of rigorous courses, and the quantity of those courses, that the student has taken during all four years of high school. We also look at overall performance and trends over the entire high school record. In investigator speak: discovering any patterns or abnormalities.

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#OnlyatUWGB  - Professor Edition

UW-Green Bay faculty are known as sensational teachers, researchers, authors, and mentors who have received state and national recognition for their teaching, but some of the best things about UWGB professors are the little things. We asked students and alumni about the memorable experiences that stuck out to them about the professors that they have had at UWGB. Here’s what we heard…

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