Video: Remarks on State Budget

In a brief video message to UW-Green Bay faculty and staff, Chancellor Gary L. Miller reiterated his invitation seeking broad-based participation in campus planning to address a possible $4 million reduction in the 2015-16 budget because of state budget cuts. The video was recorded Wednesday, Feb. 11.



I wanted to just talk for a minute about the challenge the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has before us.

As most of you know we’re facing large budget cuts if the governor’s budget is approved.

We have lots of conversation with the legislature as we go forward to see what the budget cut will do, how large it will be.

But we have to start a considerable amount of planning on campus and we have to start that immediately.

So I just wanted to encourage you to be involved.

Be involved with your shared governance group. Go to town hall meetings when you can.

Take a look at the blog on the Chancellor’s web page and contribute to that if you have a question or comment.

Talk to the people on the University Planning and Innovation Council.

And as we work through the next couple weeks to identify some cuts and identify some flexibilities and some ways forward we will be asking you for innovative ideas about how the university can work.

How we can do our work better and how we can continue to grow in this great region.

I’m deeply honored to be your chancellor now as we go through this difficult time and I look forward to speaking with many of you in the next couple of days about your ideas about how to go forward.

Thank you very much.