SOFAS Response on Interdisciplinarity

Cliff Abbott, UW-Green Bay Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff, issued a paper in response to Chancellor Miller’s essay Thoughts on Interdisciplinarity posted here last week. Prof. Abbott prefaces his response as follows:

The chancellor’s essay (Thoughts on Interdisciplinarity January 12, 2015) offers a vision for the type of graduate that our university should be producing and the kind of university we should be in order to accomplish that. He also offers a critique of the way we currently are structured to achieve our mission. I appreciate both the vision and the critique and I am moved to offer a response.

View the full text of Prof. Abbott’s response in the paper below.

SOFAS Response on Interdisciplinarity
by Prof. Cliff Abbott
Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
February 2015

View the full text of Chancellor Miller’s original essay below.

Thoughts on Interdisciplinarity
Essay: Thoughts on Interdisciplinarity
by Gary L. Miller, Chancellor
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
January 2015