Police Community Advisory Council

Dear UW-Green Bay Students, Faculty, and Staff,

We are very fortunate to have an incredibly dedicated team of University Police that are committed to the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. In an effort to provide transparency to the campus community about our campus safety efforts, have constructive conversations, and provide feedback to our Police from the campus they serve, we have formed a new Police Community Advisory Council. More information on the Council can be found here. I am grateful to Chief David Jones and Assistant Professor Nolan Bennett from Democracy and Justice Studies for co-chairing the Council. Members of the Council are listed below. Thank you to everyone working together on this. I am pleased to see a great mix of faculty, staff, and students on the Council that will provide broad perspectives from across the university on issues of campus safety.

  1. Cofrin School of Business representative—Heather Clarke
  2. College of Health, Education and Social Welfare representative—Miranda Schornack
  3. College of Science, Engineering and Tech representative—Brian Welsch
  4. College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences representative—Nolan Bennett
  5. Dean of Students representative—Erin Van Daalwyk
  6. Athletics representative—Jermaine Rolle
  7. University Union representative—Grant Winslow
  8. Residence Life representative—John Gerow
  9. MESA representative—Cindy Johnson
  10. PRIDE Center representative—Stacie Christian
  11. Student Representative—Jesse Rehn
  12. Student Representative —Jada Patterson
  13. Student Representative —Lincoln Panich


Michael Alexander

Website Redesign – Phase 1 to Launch Tues. Sept. 22

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff,

I am excited to share that we will unveil Phase I of a vibrant new website on Tuesday, September 22. This summer, we challenged our Marketing and University Communication and Web Development teams to reimagine uwgb.edu. Their charge was to create a site that is better aligned with our mission, is distinct in appearance from other higher ed websites, and puts a high-level focus on the prospective student journey and their search for a university that will rise with them, and alongside them, during their educational journey.

The site we are rolling out next week also offers:

  • Improved functionality, including simplified site navigation, a more robust site index and a layout that inspires site content editors to promote the offerings of your area
  • Updated, engaging layouts and text that are focused on our unique personality as a university
  • Photo, video, and story content that are interactive and engaging, shining a light on the true colors of UW-Green Bay’s students, faculty, and staff

What you will see next week is just the beginning. It represents only the first six top-level pages, which are enabled by more than 60,000 lines of code. Subsequent phases include programming for filtering of majors, building out the Admissions site, and redesigning program pages supported by paid marketing campaigns. In this initial phase, the impact of the redesign on the pages in most areas is minimal and contained to navigation. A member of the Website Redesign Team will reach out to you when it’s time to begin planning for redesign/refresh of pages in your program or area.  Converting our entire site will take years, but we now have staff in place to be continually updating our website so that we do not have to do a complete overhaul in the future.  As the website is the modern “front door” to the University, we will constantly strive to keep it vibrant, current, and reflective of who we are as an institution.  If you are interested, here is a brief preview of some of the changes.


Michael Alexander

Workload Adjustments

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff,

Thank you for your work this week as we continue to persevere through the opening this fall. On Wednesday, the University Committee requested that we consider some steps that we can take to support faculty and staff through this difficult period. We appreciate the thought the committee put into the request and will work to respond formally to the UC on each issue they brought up. However, we thought it would be helpful to respond to the campus now on the requests from the UC regarding staff that we know we can honor right away. Broadly, the UC has asked that we proactively embrace a campus-wide cultural change that seeks to create policies to support university staff and non-instructional academic staff that recognizes their differing employment structure based on wage and hour labor regulations. We agree and also reiterate our support for the following.

  1. We will allow flexibility in work schedules that allow alterations to the typical state office shift or work day start and end times. If you need additional flexibility, please talk to your supervisor. If an agreement cannot be reached, please connect with Human Resources to discuss how we can provide as much flexibility as possible to your work.
  2. We will consider options for voluntary reduced hours or FTE reductions as needed and staffing offices on a rotational basis when possible to help improve working conditions for employees at different stages of their careers. We know this is happening all over campus. If you feel this is not being considered by your supervisor, please contact Human Resources so that an agreement can be mediated that honors a work environment that is conducive to supporting our staff.
  3. We will encourage open and honest one-on-one employee/supervisor conversations when need arises about care-giving during Covid-19. If the communication is not favorable, HR can immediately be brought in to mediate a solution that honors the needs of the employee and the work that needs to get done for the University.
  4. As was mentioned in the Chancellor address at Convocation, it is our expectation that Supervisors have compassionate compliance with pre-Covid-19 rules on employment policies for university staff and non-instructional staff positions.

Without great non-instructional staff, we can’t achieve our mission. In short, we only succeed as a whole if each person can thrive personally and professionally. Creating a culture that honors this fact is essential for us to grow as an institution. If you ever feel you are not being treated fairly or with compassion, please let Human Resources know immediately. We expect hard work and a commitment to our mission from our employees. You should expect to be treated with compassion and fairness by us, especially as we all seek to support each other through this difficult time.

Have a great weekend. Thank you for all you do and we look forward to the week ahead.


Michael Alexander

Kate Burns
Interim Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Sheryl Van Gruensven
Chief Business Officer and Senior Vice Chancellor for Institutional Strategy

Response to UW-Madison Announcement

Dear UW-Green Bay Students, Faculty and Staff,

Last night, UW-Madison announced that they are moving to two weeks of virtual instruction and that students in two residence halls are quarantined due to rapidly rising positive COVID-19 test rates among students. We support the difficult decision made by UW-Madison Chancellor Blank and commend her leadership in protecting the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and the greater community.

Each UW campus community is unique and showing different infection rates as on-campus testing programs get underway. UW-Green Bay is fortunate to report low Covid-19 positive test results at this time.

We are proud of every member of the campus community who is working to protect each other and prevent community spread, but we also need to exercise continued caution. This virus’ transmission rates can change quickly. Should we find ourselves with a rapid increase of cases, UW-Green Bay will also move swiftly to adjust our learning delivery methods for the safety of our residential and commuter students and our community as a whole.

Aggressive COVID testing is one of the best ways for us to manage community spread, keep each other safe and have our campus remain open. Symptomatic testing is free and available for all UW-Green Bay students at the Wellness Center. Students in our dorms are scheduled to be tested every other week to closely monitor for any signs of an outbreak and, as of today, we will offer testing to non-instructional university staff who are in contact with students (e.g., police, dining services, residence hall, custodial, GBOSS) and face-to-face instructional staff. Information on testing for frontline employees will be communicated as soon as possible. We hope to extend this to other members of the campus community as soon as we are given the opportunity to do so.

Please continue to do your part in following all safety measures put in place as we protect each other. We want you to pursue your educational and professional pursuits with the mode of instructional delivery that is most comfortable for you given the safety constraints we currently have in place.

Stay strong and healthy,

Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander

Message to Faculty and Staff from UW System President Tommy Thompson

The UW-Green Bay Office of the Chancellor emailed the following from UW System President Tommy Thompson to the UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

With the fall semester now underway, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, the fantastic faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin System. You are the heart and soul of what we do. Particularly in these challenging times, it’s your ingenuity, your flexibility, your perseverance, and your compassion that makes all of this possible.

For that, I am – we all are – profoundly grateful.

We can feel the energy of thousands of students at campuses all around the UW System. They are so eager to learn, eager to be part of their vital campus communities, and eager to embrace the future. It’s a great reminder of why we’re all here.

I know there are still unknowns and questions. But I am confident that together, we will figure it out. Wisconsin has always been a “can do” state and now is no different. As we work together to reinvigorate the Wisconsin Idea for the generations ahead,

I thank you again for your dedication to the UW System and the people of Wisconsin.

I hope you have a great fall semester.

Tommy G. Thompson
1720 Van Hise Hall, 1220 Linden Dr
Madison, WI 53706

COVID-19 Testing & Dashboard

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Thank you for everything you have done to get the fall semester started this week. As we head into the Labor Day weekend, I wanted to call your attention to a few things that will help us all stay informed and moving ahead successfully.

  1. Thousands of details were put in place to be able to start classes this fall in multiple modalities, move students into campus housing, and safely offer opportunities for students to engage outside of the classroom. For the most part, everything has gone has planned. As we became aware of issues, they were immediately addressed. Please continue to communicate if you see anything that you feel needs to be addressed.
  2. COVID-19 testing has begun on campus for students in campus housing and others involved in activities that require additional monitoring. Results of the tests can be found on our dashboard that is updated daily.
  3. Students not living in campus housing may now also choose to get tested for COVID-19 by going to the MyPrevea app and registering for a COVID-19 test as a UW-Green Bay Student. Testing for non-residential students will occur on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Fridays from 8 a.m. to noon on the Green Bay campus.
  4. Please enjoy your long weekend and also continue to follow the safety guidelines we have put in place. If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19, please remember to communicate with your healthcare provider and isolate, except to get medical care.

Thank you all for taking care of each other, persisting in your education, and being resilient through the start of the semester. I am grateful to work for you. See you on Tuesday!

Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander

Dr. Corey King Joining UW-Green Bay

Students, Faculty and Staff,

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Corey King will be joining UW-Green Bay as our new Vice Chancellor for Inclusivity and Student Affairs effective September 21, 2020.

Dr. Corey King
Dr. Corey King

Dr. King is currently Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Financial Services at Bethune-Cookman University. Dr. King was previously Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management at Florida Atlantic University. He brings over 27 years of higher education experience in student affairs, student services, and enrollment management. He has been recognized by regional and national student affairs associations for his work as a student affairs leader.

I could not be more excited that Dr. King has agreed to join us at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. His energy, passion, and skill are undeniable. He brings a wealth of experience that will help our campus improve our inclusionary practices and our work in Student Affairs. I am thrilled to have his expertise on our Cabinet and know he will have a tremendous impact on the student experience at UW-Green Bay.

Throughout his career, Dr. King has been a champion of diversity and inclusion through his leadership with establishing an Urban Male Institute focused on the recruitment, retention, and graduation of urban males and a First Generation Student Success Center geared toward providing support services and scholarships to the upward social mobility of first generation students.

In addition, as an associate graduate faculty member, Dr. King taught graduate courses focused on student affairs leadership, contemporary and diversity issues, and comparative internationalization in higher education. He has also taught at the undergraduate level through the first-year seminar.

“I am excited to join the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay community during these unprecedented times in our nation and the world,” Dr. King shared in his acceptance of this role. “The opportunities to ensure the inclusivity of the University is paramount. I look forward to working with Chancellor Alexander and all stakeholders, especially students as we strive toward excellence in diversity and inclusion.”

Dr. King received a Bachelor’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration/Student Affairs from Florida State University. He received his Doctorate in Educational Administration & Leadership from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

I would like to thank members of the Search Committee, led by Interim Provost Kate Burns, for their work on this important search. I also want to thank Gail Sims-Aubert for incredible and often heroic work as our Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Climate.

I am confident you will enjoy working with and learning from Dr. King. Please join me in welcoming him to the Phoenix Family!

Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander

New COVID Website

UW-Green Bay Students, Faculty and Staff,

I am happy to let you know that a new website to help you more easily find information related to COVID-19 and the University’s plan for returning to campus safely is now live:


This website highlights what students, faculty and staff can expect when returning to teaching and working, the steps we are taking to keep our campus community safe and the steps we need you to take as part of the Phoenix family—both before you return to campus and once you arrive. It also has information about the newly formed Office of Covid-19 Response; I encourage you to become familiar with this office and its resources.

Please refer to this site often, including the Campus Operations Snapshot, which provides an easy, at-a-glance view of the state of campus-wide operations.

The bar on the top of every UW-Green Bay webpage will continue to highlight this webpage, allowing you to easily find this site and important information whenever you need it.

Thank you for your continued attention to all we need to do to keep each other safe as we come back together this fall.


Michael Alexander


Dear UW-Green Bay Students,

Our society is in need of healing. People ask me all the time why they should attend a university beyond improving their prospects for employment.  To me, a big part of the answer is to learn how to have difficult discussions, how to respect opinions different from your own, how to expand your view of the world, and how to affect change in your communities. I want you to lead that change. As the next generation to come of age, you uniquely have the ability to help heal us.

I am personally distraught by the shooting of Jacob Blake. We must fix the underlying problem of inequity to stop the violence we are seeing throughout our society. Without that, we will continue to see tragedies occur, we will continue to grow apart, and our communities will fracture. As we resume classes this fall, I urge you to actively listen to each other, speak your mind, make a positive difference, and rely on us as a university for support. My hope for the future is in your ability as students to use your education to help us solve the problems that plague us.

As your university, we are here for you and we want all of your voices to be heard.  My thoughts are with Jacob Blake, his family, and the community of Kenosha.


Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander