First Gen celebration Minute

In this week’s ‘Minute with Mike,’ Mike shares his appreciation and excitement for all that we do to support the more than 50% First Generation students that attend UW-Green Bay. Listen to Mike’s full comments below, and let’s celebrate these outstanding students on First Generation Student Celebration Day next week!

Estamos Aqui Minute

What are you doing on Saturday, September 16? In this week’s Minute, Mike talks about the upcoming ‘Estamos Aqui’ outdoor festival being held near and around The Weidner and the UW-Green Bay campus. This celebration of Hispanic/Latinx Heritage will have live music, food, artwork and much more. Mike also shows us the special gift he received to prepare for this celebratory festival…listen below to this week’s Minute with Mike.

Fresh Perspective

Fresh perspective. It’s exactly what is needed for the start of the school year. In this week’s Minute, Mike invites everyone to attend the annual convocation on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. He also reminds us that even with all of the changes happening in higher ed, there are many reasons to be optimistic – it just depends on perspective. Enjoy this week’s Minute with Mike.

Minute to consider change

In this week’s ‘Minute,’ Mike asks us to consider what we can and cannot control as it pertains to change. There are things we can change; there are things that we have no control over. But, we do the best we can by keeping in mind that small change can create big change. Listen to ‘Minute with Mike’ below.

Duck Mystery Minute

This week, the Chancellor is asking for help in solving a great mystery…who is delivering rubber ducks with positive messages around campus? 🙂 He also shares that this is a great way to impact change – by taking it upon yourself to make someone smile! Enjoy this week’s minute!

Birds of change

Do you listen for the birdsong as you walk through the campus? Mike does. In this week’s ‘Minute,’ Mike shares what he’s been reading from Simon Barker – in short, the idea of organizational change as compared to specific birds. Listen to his thoughts below.