Birds of change

Do you listen for the birdsong as you walk through the campus? Mike does. In this week’s ‘Minute,’ Mike shares what he’s been reading from Simon Barker – in short, the idea of organizational change as compared to specific birds. Listen to his thoughts below.

Cookout & Golf Minute

May holds extra excitement this year. In today’s ‘Minute with Mike,’ the Chancellor invites everyone to the end-of-year faculty/staff cookout and congratulates the Phoenix Women’s Golf team for winning the Horizon League championship for the first time in university history. This week, take time to celebrate together at the cookout on May 3rd, and wish the women’s golf team well as they play in the NCAA tournament in Spokane, Washington.

Studio Art’s Minute

In today’s ‘Minute,’ Mike takes a stroll down the stairwell in Studio Arts, where the walls are covered in murals that were created by UW-Green Bay students. These murals are just one example of the high impact practices that students receive with an education at UW-Green Bay. Mike encourages everyone to think about how we can use our incredible spaces around campus to continue learning and engaging with one another. Listen to Mike here, as he takes in the beauty of this stairwell.

Nursing Minute (with guests)

Coming to you from the Aurora BayCare nursing lab, this week Mike shares a great example of how local businesses work with our university to give students a high impact experience. Watching faculty in action and the pace at which nursing students learn equals a more highly trained future nurse! Listen to Mike, and some of our students in this week’s Minute.

MUC Minute

Learn more about the team that helps share UW-Green Bay’s mission and strategic priorities with the public. In today’s ‘Minute with Mike’, Chancellor Alexander discusses the important role that the Marketing and University Communication team plays in portraying the “…value of UW-Green Bay and what we’re trying to achieve as an institution.” Their work helps showcase the outstanding education that occurs here at UW-Green Bay, and the positive impact Phoenix make in the community.

Kindness Minute

In today’s Minute with Mike, Mike shares what he hears regularly from students; how a faculty or staff person has helped them succeed. He shares that whether it’s a kind word or a listening ear, it’s the little things that sometimes mean the most. Thank you, and make a point to keep showing support for not only students, but for each other!

Research Minute

The Chancellor shares his excitement about UW-Green Bay students who participated in the Research in the Rotunda event yesterday at the capital. Special guest Roger Wareham, also makes an appearance and speaks to the incredible work our students are doing. Special thanks to the faculty and staff who have supported student research projects!