Celebrate 2024 Minute

Mike brings the energy in this week’s Minute along with the Schreiber Institute for Women’s Leadership Executive Director, Pa Lee Moua. Learn, grow and bloom…and attend the Institute’s Celebrate 2024 event on Thursday May 16 to learn more about allyship and take action. Listen to this week’s Minute below!

Nursing Minute

It’s a special early edition of ‘Minute with Mike’ this week. To celebrate National Nurses Week, current nursing student, Maria, shares why she decided to become a nurse. Mike not only shares his gratitude for nursing students, but encourages us to thank everyone who takes care of us, especially nurses!

Beer Minute

‘Great Duos’ are on Mike’s mind in this week’s Minute as he reminds everyone of the upcoming Beer and Ballet event at The Weidner on May 4, 2024. Who would have thought beer and ballet would mix? The creative minds at The Weidner, that’s who! And what an excellent combination it is. In this week’s Minute, Mike encourages everyone to think creatively…and raise your glass!

Design Minute

In this week’s Minute with Mike, UW-Green Bay’s Art and Design program is featured, including Assistant Professor Abbey Kleinert. She shares how students are combining art and science to develop a logo and visual identity for the NERR, and how a RISO printer technology levels-up what students can do. Listen below and check out the Design Arts program.

Art Minute

In this week’s ‘Minute,” Mike is joined by Associate Professor Minkyu Lee, advisor and former chair in UW-Green Bay’s Art Program. Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to take a dynamic approach to studio arts. Everything from painting to ceramics to jewelry-making and woodworking are there to explore. Mike speaks proudly of this exceptional program in the ‘Minute with Mike’ video below!

Giving Day Minute

‘AMPLIFY UW-Green Bay pride’ is Mike’s message in this week’s Minute. He shared this message today alongside Elizabeth Paul, Annual Giving Manager for UW-Green Bay who talks about the first ever Annual Giving Day being held on Wednesday, April 3, 2024. Both Mike and Beth encourage everyone – including faculty, staff, alumni and the community – to both donate and share their Phoenix pride through social media. Every donation, no matter what size, will make a huge difference!

Andrea “Tess” Arenas Minute

Collecting the oral histories from the Latinx community in Wisconsin is the topic being featured in this week’s ‘Minute with Mike.’ In the video below, Mike speaks with Dr. Dawn Crim, Vice Chancellor for Inclusivity and Community Engagement and Cindy Johnson in the Multicultural Resource Center about the exciting speaker and supporting student/community/faculty and staff events surrounding Andrea “Tess” Arenas’ presentation on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at 1 p.m. at The Weidner. Listen below and learn more about the two-day schedule of events here.

Non-profit Minute

This week, Mike speaks with members of UW-Green Bay’s Continuing Education program who work with regional non-profits. Serving more than 67,000 people each year, Continuing Education offers a plethora of non-credit learning options, including education for local non-profits like the annual Non-profit Conference at Lambeau Field. This year’s event is Wednesday, April 3, 2024. Learn more here!

Career Minute

In this week’s Minute with Mike, the Chancellor is joined by Kay Voss, Director of UW-Green Bay’s Career Planning and Professional Connections. With the backdrop of the two-day Job and Opportunities Fair, Mike and Kay speak to the importance of providing students with the opportunity to connect with future employers in the area. This not only enhances their classroom experience, but creates community connection. Find out more here.