Support for our Veterans

Dear UW-Green Bay Students, Faculty, and Staff,

There is a human tragedy occurring in Afghanistan right now.  It is not our role as a university to comment politically on what caused the tragedy.  However, it is essential that we offer our support to all those currently serving in the military, our veterans, refugees, and anyone affected by the events that are unfolding.  Any student, faculty, or staff member should reach out to Veteran’s Services, HR, or the Office of Counseling and Health for support in dealing with this tragedy.

Veteran’s Services is offering an open listening session on Wednesday, August 18 from 3-4pm in the Veteran’s Lounge (MAC Room 227) on the Green Bay campus.

I am exceptionally proud to work for a university that has so many veterans and active-duty military as students, faculty, and staff.  In a complicated world, we must focus on caring for each other, respecting each other, and understanding the sacrifices that so many people make for the collective good.  We can control how we treat each other.  My heart is breaking for those impacted by the events in Afghanistan.

With deep appreciation for all who sacrifice to try to improve the human condition,


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University Sustainability Coordinator

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff,

“As a regional comprehensive, it is our mission to solve problems for our region, be a leader in sustainability efforts, and ensure that our communities can enjoy the incredible natural resources in Northeast Wisconsin for generations to follow us.”

— Chancellor Alexander, April 14, 2021

UWGB Sustainability Coordinator Daniela Beall
Daniela Beall

In support of our commitment to sustainability as a core strategic priority, we are pleased to announce that Daniela Beall will join the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay on August 24th to serve as University Sustainability Coordinator. Working in the Chancellor’s Office alongside the Office of Sustainability and the Sustainability Committee, Daniela will lead our sustainability initiatives and help guide the development and implementation of our Climate Action Plan and AASHE STARS submission. With a holistic lens, she will actively engage the campus community and external partners as we work to earn our “Eco U” designation and infuse sustainability in the culture at all of our campus locations.

Daniela comes to us from Goucher College, where, as Sustainability Coordinator, she helped guide the college’s sustainability strategic planning, data collection, and reporting. As a grant recipient, she trained and supervised student interns while collaborating with faculty and staff on campus sustainability programming and workshops. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Baltimore & Towson University, and her work is informed by undergraduate studies at Cornell University (2007-2009) and Towson University (2012-2014) culminating in a B.S. in Environmental Science & Studies. As an undergraduate and graduate student, she spent four years developing and leading environmental engagement programs such as the Eco-Reps program, Retreat for Environmental Action, and Environmental Conference at Towson University. As a learner and educator at heart, she has taught college classes in massage therapy and urban food systems.

We look forward to welcoming Daniela to campus and our future work together.

John Arendt,
Director, Environmental Management & Business Institute & Office of Sustainability

Susan Grant Robinson,
Cabinet Liaison for Internal Affairs

Indoor Mask Requirement

Dear UW-Green Bay Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Thank you for your patience while we have carefully monitored the increase in COVID cases this week due to the Delta variant. Based on recommendations from the CDC and the county agencies where our campuses reside, I am requiring masks to be worn indoors by everyone while around other people. This is the safe and prudent step to take at this time. Procedures for students in residence halls will come from residence life staff as we get closer to move in. We will monitor conditions very closely in the coming weeks and adjust as necessary as we approach the beginning of the fall semester.

In addition to the public health and safety reasons for taking this step, I believe it is the best thing we can do to ensure normal operations of UW-Green Bay for the academic year.  While wearing masks indoors we can still gather in groups, have events, and interact with one another. This is vital after the last 18 months. By wearing masks indoors and increasing our vaccination rates, it is my sincere hope that we will be able to limit the spread of COVID and remove the mask requirement as soon as possible.

I remain incredibly excited about the coming academic year. UW-Green Bay continues to have tremendous momentum, and as we have done over and over throughout the pandemic, we will find our way forward together. Please continue to care for each other and be resilient and insistent on pursuing your educational goals. I am exceptionally proud to work for you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander

UW-Green Bay Funding in the New State Budget

Dear UW-Green Bay Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Today, Governor Evers signed the state budget which will provide a total of $102,270,000 in funding for UW-Green Bay.  The funding provides $96,297,000 for the replacement for the Cofrin Library into the new Cofrin Research Center, $3,268,000 for renovation of the Studio Arts Visual Arts Laboratory, $2,349,000 for renovation of the Mary Ann Cofrin/Wood Hall Health Care Skills & Simulation Laboratory, and $356,800 in annual Tribal Gaming Funds to be used for First Nations programming and summer camps.

The funding listed above will continue to provide momentum for UW-Green Bay.  It is a clear indication that our state government believes in our ability to transform the lives of our students, be a driver for the economic growth of our region, and continually improve the quality of life for everyone that lives in our 16-county footprint.  Once again, I want to thank Governor Evers, the Wisconsin Legislature, the Oneida Nation, the Board of Regents, and President Thompson for their support.  We succeed by working together.

Now we must continue to sprint forward to strive for the lofty ideals we have set as a university in our mission and vision.  While facilities are incredibly important to providing a quality education, it is what we do in these spaces and with this funding to elevate everyone around us that truly matters.

It is a great day to be a Phoenix.  Let’s continue to dream bigger as we rise.

Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander

Shorewood Announcement

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff,

Despite our best attempts to open the Shorewood Golf Course this summer, we will be unable to do so.  As many of you know, Shorewood has been a significant drain on our resources for many years.  Interest has been waning for many years and it is not critical to our primary mission of student success. Fortunately, there are many other excellent public options in Green Bay to play golf.  In the coming months, we will transition the golf course into a student recreation and engagement center to expand our URec offerings, provide meeting spaces for students, relocate and improve our popular community disc golf course, and establish an official point of entry (with parking) to the beautiful Cofrin Arboretum.

I understand that this will be a disappointment to those in the community who have used the Shorewood Golf Course for many years.  As a state institution, we must be good stewards of our funds, and this decision allows us to better support our current and future students.  Our region desperately needs us to grow and provide more graduates to support the growth of the economy in our region.  While what to do with the Shorewood Golf Course has been wrestled with for many years, I believe now is the right time to make this change and continue to build the momentum we have as a university truly on the rise.

Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander

Parking Permit Rate Increase Notification

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We never enjoy sending email with that kind of subject line, but are doing so to prepare you for a parking fee increase that will go into effect in Fall 2021. The current parking fee at UW-Green Bay has been substantially lower than many of the other University of Wisconsin campuses for several years. This rate increase was originally scheduled for 2020 but deferred due to Covid. Unfortunately, we cannot delay the increase any longer. In addition to these fee adjustments, we are taking steps to recover costs from external parties, including assessing a fee for ticket sales to public events at the Kress Events Center and Weidner Center.

This Fall, parking fees will be:

Permit Cost
Annual $200
Semester $100

To put this in context, below you will find information regarding UW-Green Bay’s approach to parking fees.

Why UW-Green Bay Charges Parking Fees

Under Wisconsin law §36.11, Universities are directed to charge parking fees to cover the cost of construction and maintenance of parking facilities. Parking permit fees fund new lot constructions, the resurfacing and/or filling of cracks in existing lots, painting lines, snow removal, signage, and general upkeep such as debris removal. The fees cover services similar to those covered by municipal taxes, and without them our campus infrastructure would become unusable and unsafe.

Maintaining our Campus for the Future

Parking Operations and Facilities Management work closely together to strategically plan for both the immediate and long-term campus infrastructure needs. We have identified areas of concern and construction payment schedules are such that a significant cash balance is needed in the previous fiscal year in order to initiate a project for the following year. The fee increase reflects our preparations for the following anticipated project costs, which must be completed over the next several years to maintain access to campus.

If the fund balance is not present or sufficient enough to complete work, necessary repair projects are suspended. Deferring projects means they become more costly as the age and condition of the needed work worsens. It is important that we take care our campus for today and into the future.

UW-Green Bay Anticipated Project Cost Pie Chart

Permit Renewal

These increases will occur for Fall 2021 when semester permits go on sale.  Those employees eligible for yearly permits through payroll deduction will also be affected by these increases upon their Fall 2021.

Pay By App Option

University Parking has teamed up with ParkMobile, LLC to provide paid parking for our more frequent visitors who have exhausted their 5 free days of visits, but don’t feel the longer Semester or Yearly parking permit is necessary. This partnership provides both a significant increase in ease of obtaining parking rights and also cost savings to these more frequent visitors. ParkMobile is a nationwide provider of parking services, so the App you download will work at thousands of other locations nationwide; not just UW-Green Bay. More information on pay-by-app.


University Parking can provide more information and answer any questions about this or other parking services. They can be directed to


Michael Alexander

Sheryl Van Gruensven
CBO/ Senior Vice Chancellor for Institutional Strategy

Capital Project Update

Yesterday, the Committee on Joint Finance of the Wisconsin State Legislature approved $96,297,000 in funding for the removal of the current Cofrin Library to be replaced with a new Cofrin Research Center. This is the first state-funded UW-Green Bay major academic capital project to proceed to this point in the budgeting process in over 20 years. If the full legislature approves the building and the budget is signed by Governor Evers, we will complete the process to have the building funded.

In addition to the Cofrin Research Center, the committee approved $3,268,000 for the Studio Arts Visual Arts Laboratory Renovation, $2,349,000 for the Mary Ann Cofrin Hall/Wood Hall Health Care Skills & Simulation Laboratory Renovation, and $356,800 in Tribal Gaming Funds to be used for First Nations Programming and Summer Camps.

I want to thank the UW System, President Thompson, the Board of Regents, the Wisconsin Legislature, the Oneida Nation, and Governor Evers for their support of UW-Green Bay. There are also many internal people and community advocates that worked tirelessly over several years to get us to this point. These projects represent the future of the University. They are forward-thinking, fully connected to our region, welcoming to all, and will support learning, collaboration, and research. UW-Green Bay has momentum that is undeniable. We continue to grow through recruitment and retention efforts, we are fiscally sound, and we have a mission and vision that is resonating with our community. I appreciate everyone across the state who recognizes the potential of UW-Green Bay to support the economy and quality of life in the 16-county footprint we proudly serve, and I look forward to the next steps in the process.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Michael Alexander

New CDC Guidelines

Dear UW-Green Bay Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Yesterday, the CDC released new guidelines for people who have been vaccinated.  I urge you to read the guidelines.  While we cannot get into the specifics in this e-mail of what every detail from the guidelines means, attached are proposed changes to University policy that we will work to implement as soon as possible pending any additional guidance from UW System.

Since the pandemic began, we have consistently followed the guidelines of the CDC, state, and local health agencies to keep our campus communities safe. We have also trusted the campus communities to be responsible and always take into account how your actions could potentially impact another person’s health. We will continue in the spirit of the previous two sentences and immediately adopt our policies to reflect the new guidance from the CDC.

I would like to emphasize a few additional points.  First, nobody will ever be prohibited from wearing a mask and any abuse of those who choose to continue to wear a mask will not be tolerated.  Second, if you have any concerns about your safety under the new CDC guidelines, please connect with the Dean of Students for students and supervisors or Human Resources for faculty and staff.  Third, this is clearly an important milestone in the pandemic.  I hope you can find joy in it, but continue to be respectful of the health of those around you.  We are a Phoenix family and all of us have a responsibility to each other.

Finally, thank you.  I can’t say those two words enough.  This University continues to inspire me.


Michael Alexander

Attachment: Interim Building Hours and Access Policy (COVID-19) Draft

Phoenix Childcare Support Program

Dear UW-Green Bay Students,

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay continually strives to identify and remove obstacles that prevent our students from being successful in pursuing their educational goals. One such barrier is a provision to support childcare for our students who are also parents. In an effort to address this need, we are immediately launching the Phoenix Childcare Support Program.  Utilizing federal grant funding and financial support from Segregated Student Fees, students who are Pell Grant eligible or have a demonstrated financial need, can apply each semester for a grant to be applied towards the expense of daycare for children aged infant to 12-years old.

In addition to this funding, student parents will have access to support which can help identify other supportive community resources, as well as the opportunity to attend training sessions focused on the further development of strong parenting skills. While I recognize more needs to be done to support our students, I am excited to be able to take this first step.

If you are a parent, thank you for prioritizing education amongst everything you are managing, and if you believe you are eligible, please apply today. Funding is now available.

Best of luck with the remainder of the semester.


Michael Alexander

Oneida Nation

Dear UW-Green Bay Students, Faculty and Staff,

Below is the note that I wrote yesterday to Oneida Nation Chairman, Tehassi Hill.

Dear Chairman Hill,

I just heard about the tragedy last night. I have no words, but I wanted you to know that you have my support and that of the entire UW-Green Bay community.

With sympathy,
Mike Alexander

I know our community is hurting and grieving.  As reminder, if you need support for any reason, resources can be found here for students, and here for faculty and staff. Please stay well and continue to care for each other.


Michael Alexander