Enrollment Opportunities

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller released the following statement via e-mail to employees on Monday, November 3, 2014:

As you are aware, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay offers an exciting and innovative university experience for students committed to being part of solutions to the major challenges of the future. Over 80% of our graduates entering the workforce find employment in a field of their choosing within months of graduation. Nearly all the others pursue professional or graduate degrees. Many of our nearly 33,000 alumni have enjoyed great achievement in their careers, including many who are among the most respected and influential citizens in the New North region and around the country. One of the most important opportunities for us is to invite additional qualified students to join us in the coming year and to develop an institutionwide process for a robust enrollment trajectory in the coming years.

The Associate Provost, Deans, enrollment staff, and I have been meeting over the last several weeks to examine our student recruitment strategy in relation to university financial models and to consider short-term initiatives for deployment this year. This past Saturday morning (November 1st) 27 university leaders—The Enrollment Leadership Team—met with me and the Cabinet to make plans for actions to be taken this semester and next. During that Enrollment Summit we agreed to work together as a university to substantially increase applications from freshmen and transfer students and to target a higher yield of qualified students from both groups for the fall semester 2015.

I wish to make you aware of steps we have taken and will be taking in the coming months:

  • I have appointed Jennifer Jones of Enrollment Services as the transitional UWGB Enrollment Leader for this initiative. Jen will report directly to me and the Provost and work with the full support of Mike Stearney and Pam Harvey-Jacobs. Mike and Pam will reorganize Admissions to provide her the support necessary to fully pursue our objectives.
  • We have set an ambitious goal for new 2015 enrollments that will stabilize the core tuition pool within three years.
  • With Jen’s leadership, UW-Green Bay will organize and execute the following three-phase initiative:
    • Phase I – Substantially increase the number of Freshmen applicants (November through December 2014).
    • Phase II—Substantially increase the number of Transfer applicants (January – July 2015).
    • Phase III – Substantially increase the yield from both Freshmen and Transfer students (February – March 2015).
  • We will develop a set of tactics that substantially expand the effectiveness of current strategies and support new approaches to enrollment growth.
  • We will deploy volunteers from all areas of the university to successfully implement these tactics under the direction of Jen Jones.

As we work through the activities of the coming months we will also be developing operational and organizational models to sustain successful tactics into the future.

I want to ask all of you to offer assistance to Jen and the Enrollment Leadership Team in the coming months. I will be happy to visit with any group desiring more information about this extremely important initiative.

Thank you.

Gary L. Miller

c: UW-Green Bay Council of Trustess


Enrollment Leadership Team


Gary Miller, Chancellor
Dan Spielmann, Chief of Staff
Kelly Franz, Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
Scott Furlong, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Sue Mattison, Dean, College of Professional Studies
Steve Vanden Avond, Dean of Continuing Education, Outreach and Adult Access
Lucy Arendt, Associate Dean
Greg Davis, Associate Provost
Jeanne Stangel, Assistant Chancellor
Mike Stearney, Dean of Enrollment Services
Brenda Amenson-Hill, Dean of Students
Dan McCollum, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Mary Ellen Gillespie, Athletics Director
Pam Harvey-Jacobs, Director of Admissions
Jennifer Jones, Assistant Director, Marketing Media/Recruitment, Admissions
Ron Morris, Advisor, Admissions
Christina Trombley, Director, Adult Degree Program, Outreach and Adult Access
Sue Bodilly, Director of Marketing
Chris Sampson, Director of Communications
Gail Sims-Aubert, Director of Housing
Eric Craver, Director of External Relations, Outreach and Adult Access
Stacie Christian, Coordinator, Inclusive Excellence and Pride Center
Justin Mallett, Diversity Director, American Intercultural Center
Debbie Furlong, Director, Institutional Research
Brent Blahnik, Director, Office of International Education
Kari Moody, Director of Alumni Relations
Aurora Cortes, Assistant Professor, Education
Jim Rohan, Director, Financial Aid
Lisa Tetzloff, Director, Student Life