2021-2022 Civic Scholars: Isabel Gosse

Hello! My name is Isabel Gosse, I’m a sophomore at UWGB majoring in Elementary Education. This semester I am an intern for the Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce, working with their Talent and Ed team! I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work with all of the different sectors within the Talent and Ed department, from their Youth Apprenticeship Program, to Teen Leadership GB, to the Golden Apple Awards! Although I’m an education major, I wanted to use this Civic Scholar internship as an opportunity to learn about the Green Bay community on an event planning and leadership level; along with the fact that I love the chamber’s mission of welcoming people to the city and keeping things interesting that people stay here! I do a whole bunch of different tasks since I work with many different people on the team. Some of those activities have included making different spreadsheets, PowerPoints, finding venues for events, reaching out to companies to make merchandise, and so much more!

Here I am! A proud UWGB Phoenix!
Here I am hard at work on a presentation for
Find Your Inspiration (FYI).

Even though it’s only been a few weeks, I’ve been able to learn so much about the Chamber’s role in the Green Bay community! I’ve been able to learn a lot about the different events that happen for community members, and been able to help plan and prepare for those events. Many of their events like Future 15 and the Golden Apple Awards recognize community members for everything they do and celebrates their achievements, while Find Your Inspiration and Leadership Green Bay help the students and community members involved learn more about their futures as they expand their skillsets. While at one of the Leadership Green Bay events, one of the speakers was talking about how grateful she was to live in a big name city that has a small town feel due to how close the community is. I couldn’t agree more! Being from Sheboygan(about a population of 50,000 people) I was used to the smaller town feel, but the transition to living in Green Bay has been seamless due to that small town feel that Green Bay has. I can’t wait to keep working on these events along with everything else that the Talent and Ed team does throughout the year!

Here’s me and my Civic Scholars cohort when we visited the Urban Hub, which is also a part of the Chamber! Although I work in the Chamber offices nearby, there are tons of great things happening here too!

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