2021-2022 Civic Scholars: Graci Melms-Heitkemper

Hello!! My name is Graci Melms-Heitkemper and I am a sophomore at UWGB. My
major is Environmental Science with a minor in studio art and I have been very lucky to intern at the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation with the executive director: Holly Baseman! My role at the foundation is to be the communications intern. In other words I am tasked with roles such as compiling historical documents in an accurate timeline and assisting my coworkers with the recording of accurate trail markers.

A task I have enjoyed very much in my internship is the gathering of all the physical
historical documents that the foundation has accumulated over the past 20 years, and organizing it into a timeline of events. While I did this, I learned all about this foundation’s fight to preserve the parkway and how hard they continue to work to maintain and protect this land. My understanding and respect for the city has grown as well, as I have learned about the parks growth, I had to learn about the cities. A key component of the work that is done at the foundation is just informing people of their existence and the importance of community involvement in the maintenance of public spaces. It has been such an awesome experience to be a part of this
small team that makes so much difference in the community!!

Here’s me!!!
This is a photo of the historical timeline I’ve been compiling. It keeps getting bigger and bigger!!!

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