2021-2022 Civic Scholars: Isabella Anderson

My name is Isabella Anderson, and my major is Democracy and Justice Studies with an emphasis in legal studies. I also have two minors which are criminal justice and political science. The internship that I am involved in this semester is with the House of Hope in Green Bay and my supervisor is Beth Hudak. My role in this internship was to do research and create a one-pager with Bresa and then present it to Representative Shelton. Our goal is to get the 2019 Wisconsin Act 22 amended so that unaccompanied youth can receive primary health care in the state of Wisconsin.

The thing I found most rewarding in this experience was learning about the struggles of unaccompanied youth. Being able to see how many youths are affected by not being able to receive health care was truly eye-opening and I am glad I got to learn about it on a whole other level. Another thing that was extremely rewarding was getting to present our one-pager to Representative Shelton because it makes me feel like all our hard work will go somewhere, even after the internship is over.

Isabella Anderson
Isabella Anderson
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