[title of show] is a First for UWGB

Natalie Vanden Heuvel, Mike Roderique, Ross Christian, and Chelsea Crevcoure

This weekend marks the long awaited run [title of show]. This production marks the opening of the UWGB 2011-2012 Theatre season, being the first of two studio (student-directed) projects selected for this year, and the only fully mounted student-directed production. [title of show] is also the first student-directed musical in UWGB’s history. A large and daunting undertaking for directors Kyle R. Pingel and Molly LeCaptain.

The road to [title of show], or [tos] to its loyal fanbase, started with Pingel and LeCaptain, two theatre majors and good friends, developing individual directing projects. LeCaptain, a longtime [tos] fan and musical theatre major had the show in mind from the start. Having a four person cast and minimal set, she knew it was an ideal candidate for a studio production. When the two decided to join forces, a new directing team was born, both Pingel and LeCaptain being credited as co-directors, with LeCaptain focusing on musical direction.

The show itself presents an overtly simple (or painfully complicated) premise: the show centers around two guys writing a musical, about two guys writing a musical, about two guys writing a musical. No plot lines to be crossed there. While the plot may get complicated, the cast consists of only two guys, two girls, and an accompanist, and the set is made up of four mismatched and lonely chairs. Add in a cornucopia of theatre and pop culture references (and a slew of administrative confusion as to what the show is actually called), and you have a hilarious, nostalgic yet utterly contemporary musical.

[title of show] runs this weekend only, with shows Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (22-24) at 7:30 in the Jean Weidner Theatre, all 100% free of admission. Pingel, LeCaptain, along with their brave and talented cast consisting of Mike Roderique, Ross Christian, Chelsea Crevcoure, Natalie Vanden Heuvel, and Richard S. Perry, hope you come and enjoy the music, the laughter, and the fun of [title of show].