The Bathroom

That’s right; bathrooms have never been as fun to talk about as they are here at UWGB.

When on our first day of orientation we compiled a list of reasons people came here to GB the phrase “my own bathroom” was quite prominent.

It may be a selling point of our campus, something that appears on the pro list (or con when you realize you have to clean it), or just a fun fact you may have heard about our campus but we have our OWN bathroom. No flip-flops in the shower rule and no walking down the hallway in a towel in any on-campus housing.

My favorite part of having my own bathroom is getting ready. The sink is located outside of the bathroom, making it easy for my roommate and me to get ready at the same time without getting in anyone’s way- which is exactly what happened this weekend.

On Saturday we had our Fall Formal on campus. Just like a high school homecoming, it was time to get dressed up in your finest, and dance the night away.

My roommate decided to go on a date with her boyfriend instead. I was going to the formal, but we still needed to get ready by the same time. As she primped in the mirror I stared down the shower with razor and shaving cream in hand. How was this going to work? Our bathroom is not airplane small, but it’s definitely smaller than home.

After twenty minutes of awkward positions, lots of slipping, and lots and lots of laughs…I emerged from the bathroom declaring dorm-room shaving an Olympic sport in which I had just received the gold medal and shared the laughs with my now perfectly-made-up roommate.

Ok, so the bathroom may be a little small, but it’s our own and my roommate and I both made it out the door on time and of course… beautiful!

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  1. Katie I love your blogs! This one is especially funny. As a UWGB student and a female, I agree with you 100% that shaving in the shower should be an Olympic sport! Though I wouldn’t give up my own bathroom for anything! Keep up the funny stories because I’ll be reading them!

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