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Signing up for classes is pretty easy. If you are going to be a new student at UWGB, you will probably be signing up for your first semester of classes during the FOCUS program in early summer. You will have very helpful people walk you through the process there, but I will give you a little look inside the process of signing up for classes each semester.

I actually just signed up for my spring 2009 classes a few days ago on Thursday November 14th. So as you can see, you sign up for classes well ahead in time for your next semester. There is a lot of students here at UWGB: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. But everyone doesn’t sign up at the same time. There is about a week that is set aside for signing up for classes and the time that you get to sign up is determined by the campus and sent to your SIS so you can prepare your class list. The order is determined by how many credits you have so far in your academic career. It usually ends up where seniors get to sign up first, then the juniors, and so on and so forth.

But don’t worry, you almost all the time get into the classes that you want to. For me personally, I have not yet run into a problem trying to get into a class that I wanted to.

There are some classes that are lower level classes that anyone can sign up for and then there are some classes that are upper level that require prerequisites. Prerequisites are classes that you must take first before you take an upper level class and each upper level class will have a different combination of prerequisites. Some might not have any at all.

And for you guys, you might want to take some general education courses, which are classes you must take besides your classes for your major and minor. There is a complete listing on the UWGB website where you can refer to when you are deciding which classes to take each semester. Hope you guys are excited to come to UWGB and if you have any questions about signing up for classes or anything else…please feel free to drop a comment on here and I will get back to you with an excellent answer!

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  1. “I have not yet run into a problem trying to get into a class that I wanted to”- LUCKY!

    As a freshman it is harder to get in to classes that you want. But, the benefit to that is Academic Advising has walk-in appointments the entire week before and of registration! Take advantage! Academic Advising not only helps you pick classes that keep you on track for your major and minor- they also propose classes you would have never thought of taking that are fun and interesting (and most importantly- meet those General Education requirements!!!)

    And- don’t worry! As a first semester freshman at UWGB you get TONS of help and personal attention when trying to create your class schedule!

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