Reimagine Yourself at UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus

Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, Manitowoc is a beautiful and welcoming community – but you already know that! Just like the city itself, the UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus is full of fun and fulfilling connections just waiting for you to take advantage of. Step outside of what you think you know about Manitowoc and take a look at things you might be missing out on!

Into the Outdoors

Getting outdoors is part of the Manitowoc culture. Take a hike through the county and state parks or spend some time on Lake Michigan. If you’re looking for a little trip, ride the S.S. Badger across to Ludington, MI! There’s so much right at your doorstep, just waiting for you to engage. The outdoors aren’t just reserved for the explorers – take to the city streets for more fun!

Festival City

The city really comes alive in the warmer months – as the downtown streets become the go-to place to be! While there are far too many festivals to list, so we’ll give you the express version:

  • Windigo Fest: This festival is just for all things Halloween and Manitowoc does it right! According to the legends of Algonquian-speaking natives from the Great Lakes region, the windigo is a beast that was once human but has been transformed by starvation, cold and isolation into a twisted monstrosity with a ravenous desire for human flesh. Just imagine a festival created after such a beast!
  • Harvest Fest: The end of the harvest season is celebrated downtown, giving artisans and farmers the chance to sell their final lot of the season. Everything from craft and photography to produce, all in one spot for your shopping convenience. Support local talent and businesses before the snowfall begins!
  • Sputnikfest: On September 5, 1962, a 20-pound piece of the Russian satellite, Sputnik IV, landed in the middle of the street on the corner of N. 8th and Park. Now one of the Top Five Funkiest Festivals in the country, this festival is a way of bringing the community together.

Midwestern Hospitality

You already know that Midwestern hospitality especially rings true in Wisconsin, but it even trickles all the way down to the not-so-small cities with a small-town feel. With over 33,000 people in Manitowoc and another 40,000 in the surrounding communities, it can be surprising to see the level of connection and engagement within the community, and the Manitowoc campus is no different.

Set Up for Success

“We look out for one another here,” said academic advisor Jena Fritz, “You cannot beat the kindness of the people. Our campus is one of the gems of the city and helps bring quality education at an affordable price to the area.” That commitment to our students continues with the addition of bachelor’s degree programs to the Manitowoc campus, but stays true to life at UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc – it’s all about you. Dr. Amy Kabrhel, Associate Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences, says it well, “We pride ourselves on preparing our students to be extremely successful wherever they end up next, whether it’s the Green Bay campus, a professional program, or into the workforce. Instructors are passionate about teaching students.”

So, did you really know all that you can experience by starting your collegiate career close to home? We can’t wait for a time when we can show you all that the Manitowoc campus has to offer. We’ll be waiting!