5 Marinette Campus Gems

So, you’re interested in the Marinette campus – welcome! Until a time when we can meet you physically, we’d love to show you around virtually! Here are the fun-filled places that you’ll find on UW-Green Bay’s Marinette campus.

1. The Student Union

Time between classes to burn? Looking for free fun on a Saturday night? Stop by the game room and play some ping pong, foosball, shuffleboard or even chess. Located in the Student Union, the game room is a great, centralized location on campus to hang out, meet other students and unwind.

Also housed in the Student Union is the Café, a stop-to-eat or grab-n-go food option, whatever you’ve got time for! Whenever you get the chance to stop by, be sure to try the fried pickles (we hear they’re a campus favorite).

2. Housing

Whether you’re a little too far to commute or just want to live the residence hall lifestyle, housing is made possible thanks to North Aire Apartments. Both single and double occupancy rooms are offered in the apartments, and each one comes with a fridge and stove.

The North Aire Apartments have buildings specifically reserved for the Marinette campus, so you’ll always be surrounded by other students. Every aspect of dorm life is carried over into the apartments, resident assistants and weekly housing events included. The best part? These apartments are just half a mile from campus, making it an easy commute even if you don’t plan on bringing a car!

3. The Classrooms

Even though the classrooms are (clearly) more than just one spot, they’re definitely worth mentioning! These are the places that you’ll engage in hands-on, high-impact experience like research with faculty or preparing for your first public gallery. Within these walls is where you’ll build your future and our faculty and staff will be there every step of the way to guide you.

Since Marinette’s integration with UW-Green Bay, students have gained access to more educational programs than ever before. Select bachelor’s degrees can be completed start to finish on the Marinette campus. If the Green Bay campus is calling your name after a few years here, you can seamlessly transition to the main campus – no additional applications necessary!

4. Buccaneer Athletics

Marinette is fortunate to have a supportive community that rallies behind their athletics teams. Whether you’re looking for intramural fun or just wanting to cheer from the stands, the athletic department and facilities have you covered. Intramurals are based on student interests, so make it your own! Common sports include anything from broomball and ping pong to basketball and softball.

If you want to bump up the competition, the Buccaneers also have teams that compete against other UW campuses in the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference (WCC). Marinette has a strong tradition of success in an array of sports. If you’re interested in trying out for a team, be sure to talk to Athletic Director Tyler Morris!

5. Theatre and Art Gallery

Arts programming on campus is just one way that the greater community intertwines with students during their time here. The Theatre on the Bay hosts a number of shows throughout the year, allowing people from all walks of life to come together for the love of a play or musical. Whether you love the limelight, are a musician or enjoy being part of the set crew, Theatre on the Bay is someplace that you’ll find a touch of home.

The art gallery is open to campus and the community. Open during the week, you can take some time to browse through the current collections and enjoy the local artistry. Various artists – students included – are able to showcase their works throughout the year. If you’re an art student, take advantage! It’s a great resume builder.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­There’s so much more to the Marinette campus that we can’t wait to show you! In the meantime, chat with your admissions counselor so they can tell you the rest of the transformative experiences waiting for you here.