Featured Student: Kaylor DeLaet

1. When will you graduate?
December 2018 (whoop whoop)

2. What are your career plans?
Once I graduate from UWGB, I am planning to further my education and attend graduate school for school psychology. My ultimate goal is to become a School Psychologist for children.

3. Why did you major in psychology?
I majored in psychology because I always knew I wanted to work with children, but I knew teaching wasn’t for me. I have always enjoyed taking psychology classes in high school and I wanted to combine my love for children and psychology, which I then came to find out I made the right choice because I love it!

4. What do you do for fun?
I am a member of Zeta Omega Tau on campus so I love spending time with all my sisters. I also love spending time with my family and going home on some weekends. I enjoy being outside whether that be rollerblading, biking, or even just taking a walk, I love the outdoors. Aside from that, I love spending my time volunteering and being surrounded with good company.

5. What academic experience or accomplishment are you most proud of?
One of my academic experiences I am most proud of is getting accepted into Psi Chi, the Psychology Honors Society. Too add to that, I am definitely most proud of being voted secretary for Psi Chi for the Fall 2018 semester, I am beyond blessed and honored!

6. What’s your favorite movie, book, and TV show related to psychology?
Well, aside from school work, I do not have much free time, but the only show I watch is Grey’s Anatomy, and I feel like there are some episodes dealing with psychology (I love Grey’s Anatomy).

7. What single thing do you hope to accomplish at UWGB before graduating?
I really hope I can make more connections with Psychology professors before I graduate. I feel like they have so much knowledge to give and my first few years here at UWGB, I was always intimidated to go and meet with them, so I really hope I can be able to get to know them more and expand my knowledge.

8. What else do you want people to know about you?
No matter what, I always try to see the best in things. College is a stressful rollercoaster for most students and if I stay positive, I feel like it helps. I just always try to stay happy!!

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