Dr. Allen Huffcutt currently works in the Cofrin School of Business, but his background is in Industrial and Organizational (I-O) psychology. He runs a student research group comprised of both psychology and business students that investigates various organizational issues. One study currently underway assesses the effects of allowing company interviewers to ask follow-up questions with candidate responses in a modern behavioral interview. Some researchers advocate that interviewers not be allowed to do so in order to main the highest level of standardization, thereby putting these highly structured interviews essentially on par with other common selection measures such as intelligence and personality tests. Other researchers believe that asking follow-up question such as “Could you tell me more about…” is necessary to understand fully the skills and abilities of candidates. Members of his team helped design the study (including its measures) last fall and are currently testing volunteer participants. That testing will most likely continue next fall. Additionally, a few members of his team are also involved in an analysis of career paths with a local bank, and similar projects could emerge next fall.

Please contact Dr. Huffcutt directly if you have any questions and/or are interested (huffcuta@uwgb.edu). There is a possibility of getting course credit (e.g., Research Assistantship, Independent Study) as part of your involvement in this team.