Assessment of Additional Campus Locations

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff,

A few weeks ago, I was sent a letter from UW System President, Jay Rothman, regarding our locations. The same letter was sent to all universities in the System with multiple locations. It is likely that in the coming days the letter will be discussed in the press. The letter broadly required that we consider the future of our locations and report back to President Rothman with our plans, similar to the process the Provosts went through this past fall. In light of recent events, I know this sounds ominous, but to me it is just a continuation of what we have been doing for years. We will continue to find the right path for each of our locations understanding that when we think as a region and as one university, we make a powerful whole. Our four locations allow us to be close to our students across our 16-county footprint and live out the Wisconsin Idea in a way that reflects the needs of each community we serve.

I did not want you all to read about this in the press without hearing from me first. If you have questions, I am happy to answer them and I hope that everyone is doing well.


Michael Alexander