Indoor Mask Requirement

Dear UW-Green Bay Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Thank you for your patience while we have carefully monitored the increase in COVID cases this week due to the Delta variant. Based on recommendations from the CDC and the county agencies where our campuses reside, I am requiring masks to be worn indoors by everyone while around other people. This is the safe and prudent step to take at this time. Procedures for students in residence halls will come from residence life staff as we get closer to move in. We will monitor conditions very closely in the coming weeks and adjust as necessary as we approach the beginning of the fall semester.

In addition to the public health and safety reasons for taking this step, I believe it is the best thing we can do to ensure normal operations of UW-Green Bay for the academic year.  While wearing masks indoors we can still gather in groups, have events, and interact with one another. This is vital after the last 18 months. By wearing masks indoors and increasing our vaccination rates, it is my sincere hope that we will be able to limit the spread of COVID and remove the mask requirement as soon as possible.

I remain incredibly excited about the coming academic year. UW-Green Bay continues to have tremendous momentum, and as we have done over and over throughout the pandemic, we will find our way forward together. Please continue to care for each other and be resilient and insistent on pursuing your educational goals. I am exceptionally proud to work for you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander