Message from the Chancellor: Dallas Tragedy

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller e-mailed the following message to faculty and staff on Friday, July 8, 2016:

Dear Members of the University Community:

Like all of you, Georgia and I are deeply saddened by the events in Dallas, Texas last evening.  I hope you will join us in expressing our sympathies to the families of the police officers who lost their lives and others who were injured and to a community horrified and frightened by senseless violence.  These events remind us of how much vigilance is required for a free society to forestall the forces of racism, injustice and ignorance.  As educators, we have a special opportunity and a sacred obligation to advocate for knowledge and reason as the currency of democracy.  As we mourn the tragedy in Dallas we are also grateful for your commitment to this great country and the precious ideals of the American Academy.

Gary L. Miller