Workshop: What Will You Carry Forward? (Aug. 23, 12–1:15 p.m.)

Last year changed everything—or did it?

Join CATL for a “show and tell” event where some of your fellow instructors will show how they are moving on from last year. What did they keep? What will they discard?

We are centering the event on the idea of “flexibility” since it encapsulates many of the questions involved with making the transition from last year to this. For example, how and to what extent will you remain flexible in regards to due dates, attendance, participation, and more? How will you reuse all those online resources you made last year (labs, study guides, instructional videos) to remain flexible? How and to what extent will students be able to participate at a distance or asynchronously? Or, is now the time to teach students how to better be accountable for their own learning?

Come and hear what your fellow instructors are thinking.

Check back soon for details and registration!

Canvas Accessibility FAQ (Aug. 18, 10–11 a.m.)

Learn how to make your course more accessible using Canvas tools (Pages Accessibility Checker) and integrations (automatic, machinegenerated captions with Kaltura; UDOIT Accessibility Checker). There will be time at the end of the session for a short Q & A on these tools and general accessibility questions. 

Join us via Microsoft Teams

VoiceThread Workshops (Aug. 5, 9–10 a.m. & Aug. 6, 12–1 p.m.)

CATL staff will briefly demonstrate using the VoiceThread assignment builder for creating “watch,” “comment,” and “create” assignments. This is intended to be a workshop, so please come with ideas, fully designed assignments with which we can tinker, or past snafus you might wish to address. 

Join us via Microsoft Teams

Canvas Banners Workshop (July 27, 1–2 p.m.)

A banner is a decorative image placed at the top (or bottom) of a page. In Canvas, banners often display the name of the course, the topic of the module, and some relevant imagery. Besides creating visual structure, they also add a bit of color and personality to pages.

In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of creating banners with Canva, a free online tool for creating graphics. Attendees will also learn some basic tips on graphic design and web accessibility that they can apply in their own Canvas courses.

Join us via Microsoft Teams