Jacob Beranek – Having Faith in the Creative Process


We’re on location in Sturgeon Bay for a special interview with Composer-In-Residence of the Midsummer’s Music Festival, Jacob Beranek. Jacob is an internationally recognized composer and pianist, whose music is rooted in melody and narrative structure.

In this episode, Kelli and Jacob discuss the creative and academic journey of a young artist pursuing their passion, while reconciling personal discipline and having faith in a force outside of yourself.



About Our Guest:

Jacob Beranek is an internationally acclaimed composer and pianist, who is the first ever Composer-In-Residence at Door County’s Midsummer’s Music Festival. His music has been performed across the country, as well as abroad including in London, and Prague. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Composing at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music. For more info and to hear some his work visit www.beranekmusic.com. And follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to keep up on his journey.

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