Michelle McQuade Dewhirst: Finding Your Tribe and Procrastination as Inspiration

In this episode of Bird in the Wings, Kelli sits down with Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, a composer and music professor at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. The two discuss Michelle’s work, her music and education background, the creative process, a very small consortium, how pop culture intertwines with music and much more!

About our Guest:  Michelle McQuade Dewhirst

Michelle McQuade Dewhirst is an active musician, composer, and music professor at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.  Receiving her bachelor’s degree in music education and horn performance from Ithaca College and her master’s and doctoral degree in music at the University of Chicago, Michelle’s work has been performed on a plethora of occasions.  In addition to teaching and writing other music, Michelle is a founder of a very small consortium, which is a music ensemble that plays selections lasting no longer than one minute long OR no longer than 100 notes.  To learn more about Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, check out her website at http://www.michellemcquadedewhirst.com/ .