Rissel Peguero & Matt Hillman – 50% of Pegasis

Kelli welcomes 2 of the 4 members of the band Pegasis to the new episode of Bird in the Wings. Rissel Peguero and Matt Hillman are musicians, songwriters and alumni of UW-Green Bay. On this episode, Rissel and Matt explain their origin, inspirations, and even creative processes put into making the amazing music they preform!

Pegasis is a band dabbling in multiple genres, including World, Latin, Ska, and Reggae. Their ability to create tight harmonies, along with skill to create new and interesting composition with engaging lyricism, is what nominated them for the best artists in their respective genres by the WAMI (Wisconsin Artistic Music Industry).

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Pegasis will perform a virtual concert from Fort Howard Hall in the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts. Streaming live Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 7:00 PM on the Weidner Center’s YouTube Channel.

Stream “Sanity” the new single from Pegasis NOW.

Follow Pegasis on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify to hear more music and stay up-to-date on their upcoming gigs.





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