Nic Wessely and Liz Barlament; Jeff Entwistle: A Frankenpodcast

October was a fun (but busy) month for BITW host, Kelli Strickland! Embracing the “creepy” fact that comes with the month, Kelli got to participate in a LIVE taping of BITW alongside other podcasts produced by Phoenix Studios. The theme of this live event was “Frankenstein.” To showcase the true terror of Mary Shelly’s classic, Kelli sat down with Nic Wessely and Liz Barlament from Terror on the Fox!

Then, Kelli interviewed UWGB’s very own Jeff Entwistle. Jeff is part of the theatre department, educating students about the power of design. In true Frankenstein fahsion, both interviews are stitched together for one, mega-podcast episode! All guests in this episode discuss the ability to create an environment of terror through design.

This is truly one insightful podcast, filled with guests who are just as funny as they are creative!

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About Our First Guests: Terror on the Fox
terror on the foxFor over 20 years, Terror on the Fox has been Wisconsin’s Halloween tradition! Located on the Fox River, this haunted attraction brings guests a whole new version of horror and fun. Produced by Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, masters of world-class live action, themed, and entertainment experiences.

About Our Second Guest: Jeff Entwistle
Professor of theatre and dance Jeff Entwistle has been part of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay for over 30 years. Jeff received his B.A. in Theatre from Bridgewater State College and his M.F.A. in Theatre Design from Michigan State University. Serving as a mentor to thousands of students over the years, Entwistle is determined to spread the notion that we all need theatre in our lives.