Carl Vanderheyden – Just Do It

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “just do it?” Well our guest today actually did it. Bird In The Wings welcomes sculptor, Carl Vanderheyden, to the podcast for a fantastic discussion about getting up and doing it!

Carl is the founder of Fine Steel Art and is an in demand artist whose metal sculptures of creatures, both imagined and real, reside all over NE Wisconsin and beyond! Including the brand new Phoenix Statue at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

You don’t want to miss this discussion about learning through doing, and the possibility of discovering yourself as an artist at any time in your life. Happy Listening!


About Our Guest:

After working 30 years as a carpenter, Carl Vanderheyden, learned how to work a “liquid metal, fire spitting machine” and now produces masterpieces. Carl works with steel to create metal sculptures to combine the beauty of rustic steel with the essence of people, animals and nature. He is the founder of Fine Steel Art, and his sculptors now live all over NE Wisconsin, and beyond. To learn more about Carl, and to see more of his work visit 


The UW-Green Bay Phoenix Statue now lives on the UW-Green Bay Campus







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