Must-See Spots on the Green Bay Campus

With social distancing as our current reality, we’re bummed that we can’t meet you face-to-face.

While you can’t be here with us, we’ll bring the campus to you!

 1. Housing

The first thing that every student wants to know – “what are the dorms like?” Are you ready for the best surprise ever? Each room as its own private bathroom and shower, only shared by you and your roommate(s). No walking down the hall in the middle of the night. No shower shoes. If that’s not enough, you’re provided some furniture to get you started: a bed, dresser, desk, and chair. Put your own flair on the rest of the room!

The residence halls share kitchens, laundry rooms, and lounges, so you still have plenty of space to make new friends and create support systems. Another easy way to make friends – prop your dorm room door open!

The campus also features apartments, usually accommodating sophomores, juniors and seniors. Private and shared bedroom apartments are available, all featuring kitchen and living room spaces.

2. The Cofrin Library

Yes – we still have physical books on the shelves in the library! The Cofrin Library has four floors of books, journals and other resources for all of the study materials that you need to make strides towards your academic goals. The library also happens to be one of the go-to spots for stress relief. Each semester, furry friends come to the library to give a little extra support as students unwind and prep for finals. The perfect way to decompress!

3. The Classrooms

While it’s not necessarily a single place on campus, the classrooms are filled with faculty who truly care. They’re working to support their students with engaging coursework and hands-on learning that inspires those students to become leaders in their fields. No matter the major, UW-Green Bay serves up high-impact opportunities to help each student walk the path that they’re called to.

It all starts during your freshman year with the First Year Seminar, a semester-long class that sets students up with study skills, peer mentors and a support system to get you on your way. Looking for a more in-depth experience? Apply for Gateways to Phoenix Success, a year-long program for freshmen providing high-impact experiences that build your resume right from the start.

4. The Kress Center

We know that there’s more to your interests than homework and sleep, so visit the Kress Center for some fun outside of academics! Catch a game on Carol’s Court, play intramurals, take group fitness classes or play live battleship in canoes. There are so many ways to spend your time on campus, and the Kress Center is just the beginning!

In addition to activities at the Kress Center, there are 130+ organizations and over 1,000 events on campus each year – that’s more than one a day! Create connections and engage with your campus community doing whatever it is that you love most.

5. Common Grounds

Are you someone who drinks coffee to fuel your study sessions? Or do you like to relax with a hot cup of joe? Any way you slice it, you’ll be thrilled to find out that the University Union has its very own coffee shop, Common Grounds. Grab your Starbucks coffee and meet up with a friend to chat!

Looking for an on-campus job? We know that finances are part of the conversation when it comes to choosing a college. Lucky for coffee lovers, Common Grounds is one of the many places you can work at UW-Green Bay.

6. The Shoe Tree

When you’ve spent your four years here and graduation day comes, you’ll leave your mark with one of UW-Green Bay’s longest traditions – the shoe tree. Graduates toss a pair of sneakers into a tree on campus to leave their legacy behind as they go on to transform their industries and create the future.

Hopefully, you can picture yourself here – walking the tunnels, working alongside professors and someday, leaving the nest and spreading your wings. Want to see more? Check out our virtual tour of the Green Bay campus. We’d love to welcome you to the Phoenix family. See you soon!